Courtney Teets (No. 22) during the Lady Wolverines' 2013 season opener. (Amanda Gosline/MJ)
Courtney Teets (No. 22) during the Lady Wolverines' season opener. (Amanda Gosline/MJ)
Courtney Teets (No. 22) during the Lady Wolverines’ season opener. (Amanda Gosline/MJ)

By Jordan Konior, Staff Reporter

Exactly one year ago, junior guard/forward Courtney Teets was not in the rotation for the University of Michigan-Dearborn women’s basketball team. After a year of much persistence, hard work, dedication and countless hours invested into the gym, Teets is now a contributor and a big part of any success the Lady Wolverines experience.

She was named the Michigan Journal’s University of Michigan-Dearborn Player of the Week on January 21, 2014 after the women’s basketball team downed then-No. 13 Aquinas. Staff Reporter Jordan Konior had the opportunity to talk with Teets in part of a question and answer series.

Q: How did you prepare mentally and physically in the summer?

A: I just knew that I had to step up and be ready to work as hard as I could to make improvements for the upcoming season.

Q: What did your summer workouts consist of?

A: In the summer, I got in the gym as much as possible. Although it was tough not having a coach, I still would go in and work out and get up shots any chance that I could to get ready for the season.

Q: What would you say was the biggest motivation for this season after a disappointing season from an individual perspective last season?

A: I would say that I just wanted to prove that I deserved to be on the court.

Q: Who would you say has been your biggest role model both on and off the court?

A:  For life my mom, she is the strongest person I know, and she supports me in everything I do. On the court, my grandpa. He was my first coach and he is always the one that gives me advice after games, he’s always been there for me.

Q: What made you choose UM-Dearborn?

A: I knew it was a good school, and when the coach talked to me, it was a pretty easy decision especially because my sister (Brittany) was already on team and I love playing with her.

Q: What goes through your head while playing for the Lady Wolverines?

A: I look to just work as hard as I can, get my rebounds, stay positive with the team and just do whatever to help get us the win.

Q: What is your major?

A: Mathematics major and Reading minor for Education.

Q: What high school did you graduate from?

A: Lincoln Park High School.

Q: Favorite movie?

A: Wedding Crashers.

Q: Favorite genre of music?

A: Country.

Q: Favorite pre game song?

A: Any Backstreet Boys song.

Q: Favorite food?

A: Pierogis.

Q: Who would you say is your silliest teammate on the Lady Wolverines?

A: Brittany or Jalissa (Williams), they’re both some fools.

Q: Most serious?

A: Evie (Cramton).

Q: Who is your favorite coach that you have played for?

A: My high school coach, Jeff Baum.

Q: Any weird or interesting facts the people should know?

A: I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Q: Who is your favorite NBA or WNBA player?

A: Derrick Rose, even though he been injured forever. I still love him.

Q: Okay last question, what team do you most look forward to playing in the WHAC Conference and why?

A: I look forward to playing Madonna again, because I know we should have beat them last time and I want to get a win against them this time.