Brandon Cole dribbling during Midnight Madness. (Amanda Gosline/MJ)
Brandon Cole dribbling during Midnight Madness. (Amanda Gosline/MJ)
Brandon Cole dribbling during Midnight Madness. (Amanda Gosline/MJ)

By RICKY LINDSAY, Sports Editor

Last year, Brandon Cole was playing high school basketball as a senior. This season, he’s become a key cog in the University of Michigan-Dearborn men’s basketball program’s success. The freshman scored 16 points, dished out six assists, and grabbed four rebounds in a thrilling victory over Lourdes College.

Sports Editor Ricky Lindsay spoke with Cole after being named the Michigan Journal’s Player of the Week in issue 15.

Q: Where are you from?

A: West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Q: What high school did you go to?

A: West Bloomfield High School.

Q: Did you earn any athletic honors in high school?

A: I made All-Oakland County Team and All-North Team my senior year.

Q: How long have you been playing basketball?

A: I’ve been playing ever since I was about six.

Q: Why did you start playing basketball?

A: Ever since I was little, it was always the sport that was the most fun to me. So I just kept playing as I grew up and it became a big part of my life.

Q: Why did you come to the University of Michigan-Dearborn?

A: It seemed like a great place to be. Plus, the academics were good and the price wasn’t bad.

Q: Did you have any college offers to large programs?

A: No, not any, but that actually just gave me motivation to prove them wrong and be successful wherever I went.

Q: When did you realize you might be able to play college basketball?

A: Probably around my junior year when I first started on varsity. I got to play against people who had already signed to colleges and I was able to hold my own. After that, I really started to have confidence that I could be a college basketball player.

Q: Who do you mold your game after?

A: Kevin Durant. I was always tall and skinny so people used to compare me to him all the time. Plus, he’s a guy that does everything on the floor, which is something that I always try to do.

Q: Do you have any pre game superstitions?

A: Normally, I just take a nap then pray before games.

Q: How do you deal with adversity as a basketball player?

A: I always just try to use adversity as fuel to get better. Its inevitable that you’re going to face adversity if you want to be successful, so for me its all about not letting it bring you down, and working harder to get past it.

Q: What are some things you’d like to work on in the offseason?

A: My three point shot, definitely, and I want to put in some work in the weight room.

Q: Who was the most talented teammate you’ve ever played alongside?

A: A guy I used to play with in high school named Wesley Ma. He was probably the most unstoppable player I’ve ever seen.

Q: What has been your best moment while playing for the Wolverines?

A: Definitely our win vs. Lourdes. Up until then we had come so close to winning in the past few games but we could just never finish teams off. But that game we got a full team effort and everybody contributed and we got, I think, our best win of the season.