2014 has only just begun, but alternative rock group Sleeper Agent is already on the road, touring with New Politics and Magic Man. The six piece group out of Bowling Green, Kentucky brings a mix of sounds that each member provides as unique musical influences on one another.

The band hits The Shelter in Detroit tonight, February 4, for their seventeenth stop on the 29city tour. For lead singer Alex Kandel, the show is an exciting one not only because it’s her first time playing Detroit, but the closest performance she will do to her home of Ohio, providing the possibility for some of her families to be in attendance. Plus, the group has had great audiences throughout the tour so far and looks forward to playing each performance.

Alex begged for a guitar when she was younger, teaching herself to play, noting the experience as being a “fun challenge”. She also took up singing and has been in local bands since the age of fifteen. She then joined Sleeper Agent at the age of 17 and started touring when she was 18. Despite that she’s still so young, now age 21, music is a huge part of her life and who she is and she considers touring and performing natural, adding “I absolutely love it.”

Sleeper Agent put out an EP shortly after Alex joined, and when it got into the right hands, the band took off. Alex performs along other Sleeper Agent members Josh Martin, Justin Wilson, and Scott Gardner.

Alex is expecting the show to be an energetic performance, as the band never stops moving while they are on stage. The show doesn’t end when the band leaves the stage, either. Alex can be found at the merch table after every Sleeper Agent performance, signing autographs and meeting with fans.

She believes that there needs to be a mutual relationship between fans and the band, because without the fans, Sleeper Agent wouldn’t be a successful group. Alex even maintains a blog, Sleeper Agent on Tour, where fans can post photos of the band’s shows and keep up with the group wherever they may be.

Sleeper Agent is set to drop their second album in March. Fans or those interested in checking out their music can pre-order the album, About Last Night, on the band’s official website:

You can also catch Sleeper Agent performing tonight at The Shelter in Detroit.



  1. Been a fan of Sleeper Agent for awhile and I’m excited they are coming out with new material. Fell in love with their lyric video for Waves :)

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