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By SARAH LEWIS, Editor-in-Chief

My motivation is going down. I’m yelling timber. You better move. You better dance…before all my responsibilities crash into your head.

I say this all the time, but senior year is grueling. If I wasn’t a wreck before this year, you might as well call me Pitbull now because I have actually no idea what I’m doing with myself. Dale.

Between classes, homework, interning, extra-curriculars, planning for Alternative Spring Break, job hunting, would be apartment searching, car pursuing, resume building, boyfriend time, friends time, family time, eating, working out (HA!), and sleeping (???) every day feels like a straight up marathon.

Not that I would know exactly what a marathon feels like because I’m lucky if I go on the elliptical five miles a week, but I digress. I exhausted, to put it plainly.

When this kind of all out life fatigue sets in, I’ve realized there’s only one way you can possibly reserve your sanity…TREAT YO SELF. You know why? Because when the going gets tough the tough get going all right. They get going to treat themselves.

“But how do I treat myself when I’m already so overwhelmed?” you ask.

Well, first of all, stop whining because that is cutting into quality you time. Second, forget about all your responsibilities and commitments for just one hour a day. Do it. It’s one hour that you probably were going to spend complaining anyways. So take that hour to do something you previously would say you don’t have time to do.

Here are some of my favorite ways to treat myself:

1. Go on Amazon and find a classic book for a penny and order it. It ends up being $4 with shipping and in approximately a week, you’ll have a used book that smells all booky that will make you smile.

2. Google funny or inspiring quotes to add to a notebook full of your favorites or write one on the beginning of each week in your planner.

3. Take a nap. Mmm sleep.

4. Randomly call up one of your best friends to remind them about the time you pretended you were a falcon, and they recorded it. Yes, I did this, and yes, I was sober. (Basically, just call a friend and have a conversation to catch up and laugh. It helps get rid of stress).

5. Pay your significant other in kisses for a neck massage. (I promise this isn’t illegal).

6. Look through family photo albums with your parents and siblings. I really found some gems from my awkward stage this past week. (This is a good self-confidence booster).

7. Sing really loud in the car by yourself and scare other drivers. It’s fun.

8. Wake up early and take time getting ready. Wash your belly button in the shower. Look nice for you.

9. Look up a recipe you’ve always wanted to try, and buy the ingredients. Spend the night making a mess to experiment a new dish.

10.Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself you are fabulous. Because you’re worth it.