By LAURA SANCHEZ, Staff Writer

If there’s something a bit worse than getting older, it’s realizing that you’re getting older.

I’m turning 20 in a few months, and if you don’t think that I am starting to freak out, then you are very wrong. Ah, but you might say, “20? That’s young! I only wish I could be twenty again! Time of your life!” Not quite.

There’s something so scary and disconcerting about turning 20. You’re no longer are a teenager, but not quite an adult. You’re not 19, at the prime of your teenage years, having conquered all of the awkward times you lived in middle school and high school, having made it out alive, well, and thriving. 19 is a pretty good number to be. But suddenly, you’re twenty and it’s a whole new ball game with a whole new set of numbers, and wow, it’s like you’re 13 years old again. At the bottom of the game, in that in-between stage between teenaged years and adulthood, with no indication of where your life is going, and simply and utterly confused. The twenties, a decade of added societal pressures of graduating and renting apartments and buying houses and finding jobs and getting married, and there’s a LOT involved. Who needs the added pressure of all of that added to the pressures of mundane life?

Then again, I am known for being dramatic. I’m probably blowing the whole ‘turning 20’ thing way out of proportion. Who cares about turning the big 2-0? Just another year, just another birthday. But it’s probably because I’m BIG on birthdays.

They’re huge deals to me. They’re a celebration of life, of a year gone by. I’m big on new beginnings, clean slates, and momentous occasions in life, such as realizing that you’ve lived twenty years old and realizing that man, times goes by fast if you’re not too careful.

When I turned 13, I had big dreams and plans for my teenaged years and I’m so happy to realize that I have accomplished them all. I moved to a new city for college.

I travelled around Europe for a month. I graduated high school and I came out of my small, tiny shell. I made wondrous, amazing friendships. I became more myself. But now, I have bigger and better dreams and plans for my twenties, and I’m besotted with the way I think my life will turn out. I still have a few months to ponder over how I want to end my teenaged years with a bang – and start my twenties anew, with a positive mentality, with no care for the pressure ahead of me.

And cake, because what good would my twenties be if I didn’t start them without cake?