Tyesha Vinson/MJ
Tyesha Vinson/MJ
Tyesha Vinson/MJ


On Thursday, February 6, the House of Maize and Blue in the Union was alive with music, drawing the attention of many of the Union’s residents to see what all the noise was about. The Black Student Union (BSU) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn was hosting a Hustle for Hearts event.

What exactly does Hustle for Hearts mean though? Exactly what it sounds like: dancing (hustling) for the sake of a healthy heart.

Essentially, the purpose of the event was to promote heart health through physical activity, while proving that being active can actually be an enjoyable experience. For four hours, students could stop by and dance, listen to music, socialize, and have some fruit and water, all provided free of charge to the participants.

The Hustle for Hearts was the first of its kind here at UM-Dearborn.

The American Heart Association was even behind the event. When they heard the idea of promoting heart health through music and dance, they thought it was a great idea and provided pins, bracelets, and information about ways to follow a healthy lifestyle for the cause.

BSU Marketing Director Jerel Jones acted as the DJ for the night, playing songs that those attending the event could dance along to; including dance songs such as Crank That and You’re a Jerk. There was a steady flow of dancers that would increase every time a new person got up to dance along. Jones mentioned that the whole idea was simply about good music and being healthy.

As the night went on, more and more students showed up to join the dancing. The event caught the attention of other students, bringing in a mix of both members of the Black Student Union and non-members.

Overall, the event effectively raised attention about leading a healthy life by relating to students on a level that many college students can relate to: music. The night was an enjoyable experience that barely felt like exercise, exactly what the BSU was aiming for when they decided to host the get-together.

One of the American Heart Association’s main focuses is currently saving women from heart disease. For more information on heart health and healthy living tips, as well as the fight against heart disease in women, you can visit GoRedForWomen.org.

Also be on the lookout for more events being put on by the Black Student Union around campus, as BSU Treasurer Aaron Jackson noted they will be “taking over campus one event at a time.”