Courtney Teets (No. 22) during the Lady Wolverines' 2013 season opener. (Amanda Gosline/MJ)
Courtney Teets (No. 22) during the Lady Wolverines' season opener. (Amanda Gosline/MJ)
Courtney Teets (No. 22) during the Lady Wolverines’ season opener. (Amanda Gosline/MJ)

By JORDAN KONIOR, Staff Reporter

From the early tip, it was easy to tell that the women’s basketball teams from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Lawrence Tech University did not like each other very much.

Cheap shots were taken, tempers flared, and bodies were sacrificed as players dove across the floor for loose balls. In the end the Lady Blue Devils of Lawrence Tech University came out victorious 80-64 over the Lady Wolverines early Saturday afternoon.

The Lady Blue Devils got off to a fast pace, but the Lady Wolverines answered every run their opponent put together.

The Teets sisters were the bright spot for the Lady Wolverines in the first half as they combined for 16 points and four rebounds.

Senior guard Brittany Teets attributed her great play to being motivated by former UM-Dearborn coach and current Lady Blue Devils’ coach Mary Pinkowski.

“Playing her definitely gives me more motivation to play my best,” says Teets. “I think it just makes you want to show her what you’ve become. You want to perform your best to prove to her all the potential you had all along.”

Brittany came out strong in the second half and finished the game with 19 points to lead all Lady Wolverine scorers. Jalissa Williams finished with another double-double, scoring 18 points and snagging 16 rebounds.

The biggest challenge for the Lady Wolverines was stopping the freshman-sophomore combination of Allison Kitchen and Allison Bicknell. They combined for 28 points and six rebounds in the first half. They finished the game with a combined 46 points and nine rebounds to lead Lawrence Tech to a 80-64 victory

In the second half, the intensity rose even higher.

“The women’s game was more physical than expected,” said Sean Appling-Daniels, a fan of UM-Dearborn basketball.

Physical is indeed what the game was as UM-Dearborn junior guard Andrea Collins got into it with an opposing Lady Blue Devil defender.

As Collins and the Lady Blue Devil defender dove for the loose ball, Collins fell on top of her and tried to get up. As she was getting up, the Lady Blue Devil player tried to come at Collins from behind, but Collins’ teammates were not having it.

“Jalissa had my back. Brit (Brittany Teets) was coming to break it up, and even Court (Courtney Teets) was willing to get off the bench to get involved,” said Collins. “They all had my back, I felt like an actual family out there. Coach Ware was even willing to get another tech (technical) for me.”

This moment defines the Lady Wolverines season perfectly. Although they haven’t necessarily had the most success in the wins department, they have come together as a family and put together a sisterhood.

The Lady Wolverines next game is Wednesday at 5:30 PM, where they will play host to the Lady Crusaders of Madonna University.