The 2014 Megafest is hitting Compuware Arena at the end of this week. With acts such as Of Mice and Men, Bring Me the Horizon, and We Came as Romans on the bill, the show is expected to be a dynamic performance.

I had the chance to talk with Aaron Pauley of Of Mice and Men, where he shared details about his musical career, working with the band, as well as his thoughts on performing and being a musician.

Pauley got involved with Of Mice and Men when the band was playing with his previous band and used him to fill in for vocals and bass during Warped Tour. He had always dreamed of being big and gaining success as a musician, but never actually expected it to happen. Even if he wasn’t playing with Of Mice and Men or any other bands, music would have still been a large part of his life, as he said he would have made his living as a music producer. He also added that he used to run a recording studio in Cali.

Of Mice and Men released their most recent album, Restoring Force, in January. The album is the first music to have been released since Pauley joined in 2012. The record soared to the fourth position on the Billboard Top 200 chart when it dropped.

When asked how he felt about it, he said the entire band was incredibly proud of what they produced, as every song has its own unique sound. Of Mice and Men tasked themselves with writing great music for their 2014 release, and they worked to make that happen. According to Pauley, none of the sounds on the album were actually really planned or aimed for; the group just began with rifts and built the songs off of that starting point.

With Megafest coming up, Pauley claims performing in front of large crowds actually isn’t nerve-racking for him. Whether there is a huge audience, or only a few people in attendance, performing provides the same joy for him. As with most other musicians, he started with small crowds and worked his way up, valuing every experience to play for someone.

Pauley thrives off the inspiration provided by his family, fans, life experiences, and new music he encounters. While he is happy with the route his career has taken, if he could have been a member in any band, he said he would choose the Beatles because of their fandom, as well as the success of the music they were playing in their time.

Of course, Pauley is excited to get back to Detroit because he loves all the fans in the Motorcity. Of Mice and Men will be playing an explosive mix of both their old and new music during their stay.

The other bands slated for Megafest also will make the show a great experience for him, as he loves being able to perform with his friends and meet new people while on the road. Being a musician is a lifestyle that is different from most other jobs, but it’s definitely worth it to Pauley.

Pauley and the rest of Of Mice and Men will take the stage Friday, February 21th at Compuware Arena in Plymouth. He promises that Megafest will be a crazy concert and he is ready to “rock that show.”

Of Mice and Men’s new album Restoring Force is also available in stores and iTunes now.