By LAURA SANCHEZ, Staff Writer

I went to a student success workshop last week, and never have I been so overwhelmed in such a short period of time. The workshop was great; the presenters mentioned useful tools and tips on team building, communication skills, and networking. On the inside, though, I felt something reminiscent of a keyboard smash resembling “asdfghjksjaf.”
Business cards? I didn’t know I was supposed to have business cards at the age of 19. Bane
And apparently, I should be ready to hand them out at any given moment: at job fairs, to people I should be networking with, at internship opportunities, everywhere. They’re elegant, show professionalism, and are another way to ‘brand’ yourself. I can already picture how lonely my business cards will really look like, without any big achievements or positions to boast of.

Just imagine my look of horror when I realized that about a dozen people in that room (people around my own age!) already HAD business cards. I used to think business cards were more about the prestige; when I was younger, I used to love looking at my mom’s business cards because I thought they meant she was important. Now I can see that they’re a real part of life, meaning that you’re an adult and ready for combat in the war we call job There is just so much that you have to DO in order to get a job. Go to college, they say. Get some learning done. Oh, how about adding that internship to the résumé? Yeah, and don’t forget to do some volunteering. Just to round you up a bit. Oh, and study abroad. That means that you’re cultured. Join some student organizations, too. Show what your passions are. Oh, and also work a part-time job. That means that you’re responsible and show a good work ethic before working a REAL job. Don’t forget to socialize in college. Those are the best years of your life! Pretty soon you’ll be working a nine-to-five job and you won’t get as much time to have fun.

Us college students are already under so much stress in order to get accepted in grad school or law school or to get job offers in the field of our choice. There are already so many things we have to do in order to fulfill our dreams and follow our desired career paths. So much to do, so little time, so little life. It’s overwhelming. I’ve key-smashed about five times just writing this article, out of desperation and stress accumulating at the back of my head,thinking about everything I have to DO. Asdhasdasjasidhasd. And now I have to design my business cards? Extra stress.