By YVONNE TOMEI, Guest Writer

Men and women often ask, “What is the key to a perfect relationship?”. The truth is there is no relationship 101 t-shirtsuch thing as a “perfect” relationship. There are different keys to maintaining a stable and happy one. I’m sure everyone has heard one of the most common cliches, “communication is key”.That’s because communication IS key. (This also applies in and outside of the bedroom) Without communication both persons in the relationship are lost in one another’s feelings, then begin to ­ assume­ which makes an “ass” out of “you” and “me”.

Express what your feeling towards that person. If you’re angry, find a mature way to express it. If you’re uncomfortable, happy, sad, be sure to express it to your significant other in a way which they will understand, only you know your partner best. Always remember your bond is nothing without honesty and trust.

Constant lying and questioning will ruin your relationship indefinitely. There needs to be a constant equal effort amongst the both of you. Lack of effort could be from a number of things depending on what’s going on in and outside of your relationship, so don’t ASSUME you know what’s going on, communicate to decipher the issue at hand and what you both can do to fix it.

Take aim in focusing on why your significant other’s last relationship failed. Understand the problems that they had and do the opposite, learn from them. Their relationship wasn’t successful because of them, yours won’t be either. Don’t let those issues be the downfall of your relationship.

But, at the same time you must also remember there are two sides to every story, stay aware of that. You will start to put the pieces of the puzzle together as you continue to learn about each other throughout your time together.

Last but not least, you must refrain from constantly bringing up the past. Whether it’s past arguments between the two of you, past crazy ex­girlfriends, past crazy ex boyfriends, do­ not ­do­ it. The past stays in the past, don’t cause unnecessary problems bringing it into the present. How do you expect to move forward when you keep looking back? You don’t.

When I asked Samantha Mcdade, a senior here on campus what makes her relationship work she said, “My favorite part about my relationship of 6 years is that I can say anything. I’m never afraid to be honest about my feelings or opinions. We are always able to compromise about the important things because of it.”

It is often hard to take someone’s advice because every relationship and person are different however, these basic characteristics and components of a relationship go a long way and benefit you in the end if you choose to use them correctly.