Volunteers from last year's fundraiser proudly show off their new bald heads.


Volunteers from last year's fundraiser proudly show off their new bald heads.
Volunteers from last year’s fundraiser proudly show off their new bald heads.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation will be holding its fourth annual head-shaving fundraiser on Sunday, May 18 from 1 PM- 5 PM at Plymouth ROC on Ann Arbor Road in Canton, MI.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a charity that raises funding for childhood cancer by head-shavings.  It hopes to raise money for research to find a cure for kids with cancer.

This year, the Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL), Martin Hershock, will be among the many participants shaving their head for the fundraiser.

Eric Bacyinski, relationship manager at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, is the one who runs the event. Bacyinski is excited to have the Dean on board for the event. “It is pretty cool for our campus to have a dean that is so involved in community affairs and enjoining in such a cool cause,” expressed Bacyinski.

He hopes that the Dean Hershock’s participation will be spark the interest of students and faculty to participate in shaving their heads. Bacyinski targets organizations and business for donations to help raise funds for St.Baldrick’s Foundation. He hopes this year more UM-Dearborn students and alumni will join in, as they did last year.

“Last year we had about 15 alumni and students come out and take place in shaving their heads at the event. This year I’m hoping to have those same kind of members show up,” he said.

So, how does shaving one’s head help with curing childhood cancer? According to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation website, “Because kids with cancer often lose their hair during treatment, “shavees” for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation show their support by shaving their heads voluntarily, and inspiring friends and family to donate money to support childhood cancer research.”

If you would like to help the cause just go to http://www.stbaldricks.org/events/plymouth or call 888.899.2253 to donate. If you have any questions or want more information about the event, contact Eric Bacyinski at 734.649.8596 or email him at ebacyins@gmail.com