By KEYSHA WALL, Arts & Entertainment Editor


March 20 is officially the first day of spring and I bet you’re all ready to ditch as many heavy winter layers as possible. A new spring is on the horizon, and for most people that means new wardrobe, new hair, new look. For that very reason, I decided to review a more accessible, but no less fantastic, collection for your consideration.

Une Femme est une Femme is a beautiful, gentle French editorial piece from the sixteenth edition of Lula Magazine. It was put together by Sofia Sanchez, Mauro Mongiello, and Samuel François. Each photo is inextricably warm and delicate, an aesthetic created through interaction between the models, their  posture, clothes, and beautiful backgrounds.

Each photo and model exudes a girlish energy, and while I usually find that to be overplayed and sexualized in fashion, I can allot for some viewer-centricity here. Each model looks as if they were asked by a strange photographer to be photographed because their outfits were fantastic [they are], and I love that in and of itself. Moreover, I feel differing aspects of femininity in each photo, in each model’s stance and overall aesthetic, and that’s what makes this a do for me.

lula-16-155 lula-16-154 lula-16-151







Each outfit is gorgeous and simple, paired with an item or two to bring character and depth to an otherwise simple photo. The backgrounds also seem carefully chosen to highlight each model in their entirety, which is something I really appreciate. I also adore each model’s hair, from short and sweet to shapely and sophisticated. Something that tends to get lost on runways is attention to overall coherency of a piece, from hair to makeup to clothes to accessories to nails. This fashion editorial is a reminder of how important it is to think of everything equally, and what a payoff!

lula-16-149 lula-16-147 lula-16-153 lula-16-152







Beyond that, I love the honest simplicity of most of these pieces: a deep maroon pleated dress matched with a cream button-up sweater; a shimmering high-neck dress paired with a black headband; a simply patterned black and white strapless dress with tall hair and black open-toed heels. Some of the pieces are more elaborate, but if you’ve been looking for inspiration, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll have to look any further. Each look is elegant, original, and easy to create. That’s all anyone really wants, right?