By AARON YNCLAN, Staff Writer

xbox-ps4-wiiu-compositeWith the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, February has seen increased hardware sales over last year, with each console claiming bragging rights.
As the NPD reports, the PS4 dominated hardware sales with roughly 287,000 sold as opposed to the Xbox One’s 258,000. However, due to the larger price tag Microsoft made more on the dollar basis.Sony and Microsoft weren’t the only ones to see success, either, as Nintendo also saw increased sales thanks in large part to the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Bravely Default for the Wii U and 3DS, respectively, with “the majority of hardware platforms experienced double-to-triple digit increases compared to January 2014.”

These sales led to a 42 percent increase over February last year with hardware bringing in over $347 million. Software sales, on the other hand, were down 9 percent from last year, contributing to $318 million. Accessories, which include headsets and controllers, among other items, rounded out the list with a 33 percent increase to $221 million. Overall, sales were up 9 percent from last year with $887 million spent on physical hardware, software, and accessories (unfortunately, the NPD doesn’t account for digital and online sales).

On the software chart, Call of Duty: Ghosts maintained the top sales spot for the fourth month in a row, with The Lego Movie Video Game nudging out heavy hitters like Grand Theft Auto V and Battlefield 4 to take the second spot (however, Lego was also sold across seven platforms as opposed to the two and five of GTA and Battlefield, respectively). Newcomers Thief and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII were able to crack the Top 10 to take fourth and eighth place, and the rest was filled up with regulars NBA 2K14, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Minecraft, and Bravely Default.

As of now, sales are only expected to increase in March with the recent release of Dark Souls II, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and Titanfall as well as upcoming title Infamous: Second Son.