The highly anticipated Divergent hit the big screen this Friday. The movie centers around sixteen year old Beatrice (Tris) Prior, played by Shailene Woodley, who at the age of sixteen has to make a choice to which of the five factions in her society she belongs to. When she is administered the test, she discovers that she doesn’t belong to any factions; she is divergent.  She is warned not to share her results with anyone because of the danger of her being killed over her divergence.
At the choosing ceremony where she decides her fate, she chooses the Dauntless faction. There in the faction that churns out the soldiers, she meets a leader and her trainer Four played by Theo James. It’s in that faction where Tris adapts to her new life and tries to hide her divergence.
The film clocks in at about two and a half hours. At the start you hear voiceover narration from Tris about life in the factions. Although the movie is a bit slow to begin, it picks up as you are shown, through the eyes of Tris, life in a dystopian Chicago.
You see through her eyes just exactly how she deals with her new life in the Dauntless faction. You also see Tris grow from a meek girl to a strong woman fighting and training alongside the most accomplished trainer of her new faction.
Although as a reader of the novel it was a bit disappointing to see some scenes not making the final cut, a person who hadn’t read the novel would be able to understand the premise of the novel and just exactly the kind of story the movie is telling.  The performances by both Shailene and Theo are outstanding as the two protagonists of the film. They really brought the novel characters to life and the movie was enjoyable. Definitely worth a watch on the big screen to take in all the action and stunning cinematography.
Divergent is now playing in theaters everywhere.