By KEYSHA WALL, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Honestly, this article barely needs to be written. I am a firm believer that you are completely capable of pulling off any outfit you might ever want to wear. That person you saw yesterday who seemed to be glowing in an outfit you wish you had the courage to put on? That person was you. That person is you. If you’ve ever summoned up the fearlessness to put on something that made you feel good, then it can be said without a doubt that someone was looking at you, wishing they were you, wishing they could pull off something so well. If you’ve ever worn something for yourself, to make yourself happy, then you are in no uncertain terms a supreme being.

This week I’m focusing on those of you who might want to try a new spring look but are having trouble coming up with ideas. I’ll be outlining a few of my personal favorites in terms of looks, hopefully inspiring you along the way. There won’t be anything truly groundbreaking in this week’s article, but everyone has to start somewhere!

pastel blue shirt and pink skirt with a short cropped beige jacket, sheer white tights, and white flats
dark florals
creme floral blouse with dark studded cropped jacket, dark high-waisted shorts, black opaque tights and floral print ankle boots
tea dress
mauve tea dress, high updo, black sheer tights and white flats










Floral Print–If you’ve seen my other articles, you’d probably guess that I like floral print quite a lot. It’s a tried and true spring classic, and everyone looks lovely with a flower or two. My favorite new thing in the field of all things floral would have to be short floral print boots. They add a simple punk flair to a lot of casual outfits and look great with a pair of black tights or leggings.
Pastels— Another classic concept, pastels are a simple method for getting away with a lot of color. I love color, but it’s easy to go overboard when too many colors come together on one ensemble. With pastels, it’s much easier to create a soft look loaded with spring feelings. A pleated pastel blue skirt would look sweet with a light pink blouse and white flats. Pastels can also be paired with beige or tan clothing that you’ve never had a reason to wear before, and it’ll still look good.
Leggings and Tights— Do not underestimate the power of leggings and tights. They’re both a way to make an effortless outfit look just a little more put-together and can be invaluable when you don’t know what to wear. You’re not just limited to black leggings and tights, either; they come in sheer, nude, and even ombre. There are endless possibilities here in leggings alone.
Cropped Jackets— Cropped jackets look so good that I can’t even properly express how much I love them. Cropped jackets are kind of daring and cool, and they come in a wide array of styles. I love the visual of a black spiked cropped jacket over a floral pleated dress, but that may be just me. You can even add a cropped jacket to t-shirt ensembles to evolve your look. They match perfectly with pants and can even be charming with dresses and skirts. They’re very versatile, and as such they offer good opportunities to get creative.
Big Dresses— Finally, I’m announcing my love for big, flowy dresses. I’m talking mainly about vintage dresses like Hepburn dresses, swing dresses, and tea dresses. They look fantastic with or without prints and are sure to make you feel good if you like dresses. They’re also an effortless look that looks fantastic. You can pair them with flats for a sweet look or boots for a cooler, tougher look. Dresses always look fantastic, and you’re never too old to wear one and twirl like you’re five.