Amber Ainsworth/MJ
Amber Ainsworth/MJ
Amber Ainsworth/MJ


On Wednesday, March 26, an event was held at the University of Michigan-Dearborn to aid both graduates and students in their career pursuits.

The Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) organization hosted a resume-planning workshop on campus. The event was focused both around resumes and social media’s place in the job quest. While many of the people in attendance were graduates of UM-Dearborn, some current students also took advantage of the value future building activity.

Mike Callahan, who works with employers to help find internships for students at UM-D, spoke on not only the importance of a resume, but also the power of networking and demonstrating capabilities. Acquiring a job is like running a business; treating the employer like a client is the best approach to being successful in the job market.

According to Callahan, “Everyone is hiring if you’ve got what they need.”

Callahan shared a personal career plan as part of his talk, which he used to highlight the most essential parts of landing a job after college. The plan includes a triangle that represents how important the honing of skills combined with past endeavors and the forming of relationships is.

Relationships were also emphasized through a presentation about social media. Lynn Haliburton, a graduate of the College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters and a public relations worker, talked about the importance of branding yourself as a career seeking individual on social media sites. Haliburton also touched on key aspects of successful branding.

Primary points included not having multiple profiles on the same site and being mindful of what is being said and posted on sites, along with defining yourself through a clear headshot image and a tagline that showcases essential details about your specific skills.

With the increasing number of online interactions and employers checking the social media sites of potential employees before hiring them, it’s no wonder that a presentation that focuses heavily on media usage is extremely significant to both college students as well as recent graduates.

Besides the presentations, attendees were also able to have their resumes reviewed by a panel of UM-Dearborn graduates who were also prepared to field any questions about writing an efficacious resume.

Headshots were also being taken at the event. The photos could then be used on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various other social media sites to assist in the branding process of job searches.

For those interested in having help building or tweaking a resume, the College of Business website has links to aid in the process. Visit to access tools for resume building and resume samples, as well as preparation for interviews and tips to sharpen career-hunting skills.