Mardigian Library to get a facelift


Scherger said the library was designed in the 1970s when no one anticipated the technology we have today.
Scherger said the library was designed in the 1970s when no one anticipated the technology we have today.

The Mardigian Library (ML) is preparing for renovations that will help advance University of Michigan-Dearborn students in academia. Architect Quinn Evans and an independent consultancy BrightSpot hope to refine the library by bringing it into the digital age.

“The building was designed in the 70s and at that time everything was paper and card catalogs. No one anticipated personal computer, laptops, and the iPad was not anyone’s radar. We are severely underpowered,” said ML supervisor, Jonathan Scherger.

Scherger wants to use the renovations as a means to expand on the building to better the environment for students and staff.  “We would love to be able to have an entrance that faces the parking lot,” Scherger said jokingly.

The renovations are something the Library has been planning to do for some time. Student Government has contributed to the idea and to the planning process to expand on the library.

“Student government has been working with the library since day one to ensure student satisfaction and we have been not only welcomed, but highly encouraged, to provide feedback,” said Student Government President, Wedad Ibrahim.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, Student Government held focus groups for students to come and voice their opinions about the renovations. The feedback of the students would help in the master plan for the library.

“We wished to have more students present at these focus groups so we could have had more input but I’m positive that the vision Director Logan and her team have will greatly satisfy students,” explained Ibrahim.

photo 1Zahra Al-Jemelawy, who spends much of her time in the library, voiced her opinion about the renovations. “It would be nice to have study group rooms. It is pretty noisy at times and becomes hard to hear your group members. It would also be nice to see more technological availability in the library,” Al-Jemelawy suggested.

The renovations are in the visionary process and are not set to start until a few years.

“Everyone is preparing for it. There is will on campus to do it. It is just a matter of raising money for it,” said Scherger.

Ibrahim is urging students to participate by voicing their opinion about the upcoming renovations.

“The renovations themselves have yet to be figured out. This is the planning portion and where we see the library moving forward,” Ibrahim continues, “We need more student input in order to guarantee student satisfaction.”