Tyesha Vinson/MJ
Tyesha Vinson/MJ
Tyesha Vinson/MJ

By TYESHA VINSON, Student Life Editor


On Tuesday, April 1, the English Department hosted the English Concentrators’ Reception. English professors and English majors met on the third floor of the College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters to showcase what the English Department has to offer.


At refreshments table, there were brochures, flyers, and poster boards showcasing the student organizations within the English Department, English Club and The League of Extraordinary Poets. Each board had information about the groups and information about their past events.


English Club President Jaclyn Dziurgot was eager to talk about the role of the English Club and the reasons for having an English Concentrators’ Reception.


Dziurgot said, “We’re kind of focused on getting more people interested in the English Department, getting people to be English majors. That’s why we do the English Concentrators’ Reception every year.”


One of Dziurgot’s goals is to get more than just English majors interested in literature. She said, “We have done a movie night where we took a movie that is based on a book and shown that. And we do events like that, that are open to everybody so more people can kind of be interested in reading and hopefully becoming English majors.”


Wafa Algahmi, the League of Extraordinary Poets president, also mentioned how being an English major has been a bit of an escape for her. Algahmi is double majoring in English and Chemistry and she said, “It’s fun to come here every once in a while and do something that’s not related to science.”


Dziurgot and Algahmi both feel that being an English major at University of Michigan-Dearborn is a rewarding experience.


Being able to study various subjects and interacting with professors is a bonus for Algahmi. She said, “Right now I’m taking Young Adult Fiction, Anglo-Irish Literature and American Literature. They’re all really different and you can always have semesters where it’s not related at all. And all the professors are really cool.”


English professor Caitlin Finlayson was one of the English Department staff in attendance at the English Concentrators’ Reception. She spoke mostly about the relevance of Shakespeare, his influence on the English language, and the impact he has on today’s culture.
Dziurgot said, “There are so many different types of English you can study in terms of literary movements. The professors are a wide range of academic backgrounds. The amount of information that you can actually get out of this program is a lot wider than people think. And there’s more to English majors than just becoming a teacher.”


English can be used in a variety of fields. Teaching is just one of the many job opportunities for English majors after graduation.
Jonathan Smith, another member of the English Department staff, only had one piece of advice. It’s something simple that he shares with students and nervous parents. He said, “Talk to people in the business world. What they want is someone who can read, write and critically analyze. And that is what we teach people how to do in English.”