By KEYSHA WALL, Arts & Entertainment Editor

lovewrite“The fusion and poetry of art!” That’s how the University of Michigan-Dearborn student who goes by the penname “j.ajabad” describes their blog, One Canvas One Soul. The blog features the admin’s own poetry and also prompts for aspiring writers, or people who just like to write.The blog, hosted on wordpress, focuses mainly on creating art through poetry, or poetry through art, depending on who you ask. The blog has a very homemade feeling to it, as do the prompts and challenges that j.ajabad creates.

j.ajabadposts a “poememe” every Thursday, which challenges readers to create poetry that fits a theme of the day. Each piece is also crossposted to Flickr, giving them a wider reach. One Canvas One Soul is also connected to Facebook, Google+, Youtube, and Twitter.  I personally appreciate the initiative that j.ajabad has taken. As a mostly anonymous student, j.ajabad has nothing to gain through asking their readers to participate except to spread their love of art and poetry. It’s definitely an ambitious project, and there’s respect to be found in something like that. It’s also the first I’ve heard this year of something like this done by a student in support of the arts. For this, I must tip my hat to j.ajabad. I hope to see One Canvas One Soul gain a wider outreach on campus. Maybe this blog could become a hangout spot for students who love poetry and art. With a little renovation to the website, I truly believe it to be possible.

If you’re interested in poetry, art or both, I would suggest taking a look at One Canvas One Soul. If you’re feeling creative, go for one of the challenges! You can see more at


  1. I went to the site. The tagline reads: “The fushion of poetry and art” ,instead of
    “The fusion and poetry of art!”

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