Students discuss Middle East topics with Arab League ambassador


Photo Courtesy of Henry Ford Community College
Photo Courtesy of Henry Ford Community College

The Ambassador of the Arab League, Mohammad Al-Husseini Al Sharif was on campus last Thursday discussing current issues in the Middle East, such as the Arab Spring, Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Egypt, Syria, and other topics.

Al Sharif is currently the Chief Representative of the League of Arab States to the United States and served as Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the Republic of Turkey and Canada. In the past he has served in Houston, Texas; Mali, Venezuela; United Kingdom and the Philippines.

He has written and published reports and articles in the media and lectured in universities and institutes in Ankara, Houston, Caracas, London, Ottawa and the U.S. regarding international issues.

The Canadian magazine Ottawa Life chose Al Sharif in 2003, as the second most influential personality in the capital of Ottawa among fifty prominent persons from the fields of media, politics, academia, science and arts.