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The Used and Taking Back Sunday have been big names in the music world since their earliest efforts emerged in the early 2000s. Since then, they have both released albums every two to three years. 2014 was no different for the groups, who both have released new albums within the past two months. In addition to new music, The Used and TBS teamed up to tour together-a move that attracted a plethora of fans to the bands’ fanbases that have been expanding for over a decade. Along with Sleep Wave and Tonight Alive, The Used and Taking Back Sunday stormed into the Fillmore in Detroit on April 6 to rock fans with setlists that were blasts from the past blended with fresh new sounds. The show, like many of the stops on the tour, was sold out.

TBS’ most recent album Happiness Is was released in mid-March, while The Used’s Imaginary Enemy was dropped a mere five days before the Detroit show. This didn’t give fans much time to actually learn the bands’ newest music, but that didn’t stop the crowd from singing along every word all the way from 2002 to last month. Both groups actually took the stage to new work, with the Used beginning their explosive set with the radio single “Cry” and Taking Back Sunday coming out to the introduction, “Preface”, to Happiness Is.

The Used and Taking Back Sunday both did an amazing job of combining old songs that longtime fans remember and love with newer songs that the entire audience was able to embrace and enjoy. While more recent songs were featured on the bill, the sets were distinctively throwback driven. Hits from TBS’ Tell All Your Friends and The Used’s self-titled album, both from 2002, were the real crowd pleasers; the older and older a song was, the louder and louder the audience got.

Fans were especially energetic during songs like “The Bird and the Worm” and “The Taste of Ink” by The Used and “You’re So Last Summer” by TBS. That doesn’t go to say that the newer music wasn’t significant to the sets; it just shows the power their music continues to have, even after years and years have passed.

It seems to be a rarity that a group can create different music over the years and still manage to find a way to resonate with all of their fans through all of their various sounds, but TBS and The Used have successfully been able to draw in a group of fans that not only love them for who they were, but continue to embrace the new music they bring to the stage.

Taking two groups with so much experience and talent as performers and putting together on one stage to rock generations of fans created an atmosphere that simply cannot be summed up in words. Music has a way of uniting people, and The Used and Taking Back Sunday did just that. From the youngest fan to the fan that has been listening their entire life, the show brought the variants of fans together like no other. It’s no surprise the bands were able to create such a dynamic show, given the amount of time they have had to perfect their acts and diversify their sets to entertain not only the most diehard fan, but even the newest edition to their following.