Are you ready for another Sci-Fi action thriller? Transcendence, hitting theaters April 18,is one you won’t want to miss. This film stars the one and only Johnny Depp and includes an amazing cast of others, such as Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall (The Prestige), Paul Bettany (A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander), and Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins, Inception). The storyline welcomes the audience to a time in the not too distant future. Scientist Will Caster (Depp) discovers a way to preserve a person’s mind even after death, with their thoughts and their voice continuing to live for centuries long after their body has decayed away, essentially uploading one’s conscience to the internet. This allows the conscience to absorb more information than any one human being could contain. However, a tragic accident puts Caster in the hospital, his life dwindling away before his wife’s eyes. She decides to try and save her husband and, with the help of his colleagues, makes Caster the first test subject of this operation. However, things go terribly wrong and as the plot unwinds the being, formerly Will Caster, becomes twisted and destructive. It is up to these individuals to put an end to the monster their actions have created.

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely psyched for this movie; it looks unbelievably intense. I’ve watched the previews multiple times and I still get chills down my spine every time Caster’s mind – pictured as a computer image of Depp’s face – appears on screen. However, there’s a more important reason you should see this film. This is numbered among Depp’s last movies. Last summer, shortly after the screening of The Lone Ranger, Depp announced to BBC that he was seriously considering retiring. He had a six or so movies contracted, another Pirates of the Caribbean as well as part two of Alice in Wonderland are numbered among those. If you include this film, there’s not much time left. Needless to say, when I heard this news I was devastated. I have long been a seriously devoted fan of Depp and I consider him to be one of the most versatile actors of the twenty-first century. Still, as Depp justly stated in his interview ,when an individual has spoken more scripted words than he has his own, such a career is an insane option for a human being. One can’t say he’ll be missing much with the islands, castles, and houses he’s purchased over the years. Considering he began by running away from home, he’s come far. Participating in the production of more than fifty films and a few television shows, he has stood out in his performances. He has mentioned his desire for a leisurely life before, however, in this interview, his voice held a sense of finality to it. I will continue to watch Depp long after he’s left the silver screen, but while he’s still with us I plan to give him all the support I can. He’s a magnificent actor and you can tell from the trailers that this movie is bound to be one hell of a ride.