Black Student Union Administration, From left to right: Student Representative Eiman Hairston, President Theresa Sommerville, Student Representative Natasha Gilbert, Interim Vice President & Marketing Director Jerel Jones, Student member Jamili Copeland

On September 4, in the Kochoff Hall C, UM-Dearborn’s Black Student Union (BSU) hosted a Meet and Greet as part of Welcome Week and the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year.

BSU’s mission is to bring together and give help to the African American student population in an education setting as well as deliver understanding and appreciation of the contributions of African Americans to society, while promoting awareness of the issues affecting African Americans as well as other minorities, according to BSU’s mission statement found on their site at those interested in joining can check out how to be a member by visiting the website.

The student organization accepts all students to join their ranks in spreading word of their mission and contributing to the community as well.

The Meet and Greet ended with a raffle that included prizes such as: a phone charger, cell phone cage, a lava lamp, a backpack, and several others which BSU provided.

BSU’s next event is the second annual Divine 9 Yard Show, on September 23 at the College of Business Courtyard. This event is free of charge and starts at 7:00 p.m. It also features several Greek student organizations.

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