909 celebrity obsessionNude leaks featuring celebrities from Jill Scott to Calum Hood went viral recently, with everyone appropriately blowing up about it. “What an invasion of privacy!” Absolutely! “Those pictures are nobody’s business!” Yes, yes! “Did you see what So-and-So wore on the red carpet last week? Talk about unflattering.” Wait, what?

We live in a culture that is obsessed with someone if they are famous – movie famous, music famous, Vine famous, etc. There are tons of social experiments that have regular people walking out of Hollywood establishments with a small entourage, only to have them quickly be surrounded by autograph hounds.

We act as though their business is our business. Who else, other than public figures, have to make public apologies for private mistakes? We drag famous women through the mud for having “wardrobe malfunctions”.

On a whole, we don’t question the motives of the photographer, who not only took that picture, but chose to sell it. If a photo of a famous male’s junk is made viral, we either ridicule him or giggle wildly at the naughtiness of it all.

There is a living hypocrisy among us, the average Joe/Jill. For the 99%, if we had our personal photos spread over the internet by those we trust or hackers we didn’t suspect, that’s it. Future jobs are axed, trust is destroyed, and there is nil we can really do about it.

For celebrities, they have the resources to do something about it. On top of that, there are not many careers destroyed by a nude leak in modern times.

 Lives of regular folk? Much different. (This is not to say that just because celebrities have resources to deal with the fallout doesn’t mean we can’t feel empathy that it happened in the first place.

It’s constantly pushed into our heads that if you put anything on the internet (or the iCloud or what have you), it’s there forever and anyone can reach it, so be careful. People actually view this nude leak as punishment for celebrities supposedly not following this rule.

Along with all that fame, that money, the glamour and the resources comes the drawbacks: constantly tailed by photographers in every country, every word they say scrutinized, adulterous behavior made common knowledge and family illness the leading headline on the nightly news.

 There are millions of men and women online that willingly show you their endowments for free. Why are celebrities’ nudes different? Because we as a society feel like we are owed all parts of someone famous at all times. We are owed their free time, their patience, their attention and their bodies.

Find some boundaries. We are society. It seems like we don’t demand any human decency at times, so we should really get a jump on that.

And I totally see the irony of me writing a column about how we talk about celebrities too often.