BY KEVIN LANDWEHR, Business Manager

This past May, the University of Michigan-Dearborn made a big splash by adding David Disney to the campus community. Disney serves as the Director of University Unions and Events (UUE) which provides the Triple Crown of gathering destinations, popular food, beverage, vending services, and event services.
Beginning his career in hotel and hospitality management, Disney opened five new hotels for five different companies. He later joined the Ann Arbor campus where he served as the business school’s conference services manager for ten years and eventually opened a general commons, conference, and community center known as Palmer Commons at the University of Michigan.
Bringing a winning pedigree and successful track-record to the events team on campus, Disney and the UUE, alongside with the University Center, plan to utilize the resources of the Fairlane Center and Victors’ Den in the Union more than they have in previous years.
“We are looking forward to helping student organizations achieve their goals and have successful events,” Disney explains.
Disney expresses just how open he and all of the UUE team members are to students and student organizations and how much dedication there is to their student employees.
“They are our frontline connections to guests. The work they do is priceless and invaluable. It’s a student-driven service team.” The number of University Ambassadors, who are also a part of UUE, has doubled this year, and students are gaining experiential learning on campus.
UUE was involved in bringing in the new food vendor, Picasso. They will be working in tandem to cater events on campus. Disney notes that Picasso “really understands our campus, is engaged, and has a real interest in our students while providing great variety.”
On the wall next to Picasso’s menu in the UC, Disney and SAB will be implementing a Chalk Wall, where relevant and thought provoking questions and topics will be written on the wall each week. Students are then encouraged to write their responses on the wall to share with others.
Any student interested in hosting an event on campus can contact David Disney and UUE via email at UMD-UC-EVENTS@UMICH.EDU.
Disney encourages students to utilize the services, as well as to ask any question so he can provide feedback regarding the many services provided.

Disney and the UUE team wish to “expand the operation by collaborating with students on campus.”
With a greater focus on working with students, the UUE can be the most successful its ever been.