Photo Courtesy of Chris Balow

By Monica Sabella, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Welcome back to a brand new school year, or school semester, whichever you prefer. By now, I thought I’d stopped referring to school as a year and adjusted to the college way of thinking, but it hasn’t happened yet. It’s hard to forget twelve years of schooling, especially if you’re like me, and love your summers school-free. I had a blast this summer. There was so much to do entertainment-wise; concerts, live music downtown, water and amusement parks. I just turned 21, so you can add bars to that list. Yes, the summer was long and full.

In June, I went to see Carlos Santana at Caesar’s, Windsor. There are no words to describe how talented he and his band are. I think my friends and I were probably the youngest people there, but we were awestruck. Santana walked around the stage, so confident and cool. He owned that stage. He made those combinations on his guitar look so easy. Everyone had their solos. There was a guy on a djembe, another on the keyboard, two or three other guitarists, a trumpet, a sax, a drummer, and three singers. Santana even called his wife out on stage and had her play the drums for a few songs. I’ve never seen anything like it. Santana didn’t disappoint. This was an amazing concert.
The following week, I found myself amid thousands of screaming girls, tearfully singing along to their favorite songs as their beloved Backstreet Boys danced across the stage. Let me tell you, those Backstreet Boys still have the moves. Later that same week, was The Script and One Republic concert. First up was The Script. They performed well and had the whole crowd moving to the beat after the first song. The energy at DTE was unmatched and the musicians knew it.

Two times during the show the main vocalist, Danny O’Donoghue, ran through the crowd. Another time, he requested someone in the audience to dial up an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend for him to sing to. The night got better from there. One Republic blew me away; prior to the concert I disliked many of their new songs.
Now I hear one, and I remember the great time I had that night and I can’t help but sing along.
As I mentioned, I finally turned 21 ( I was starting to think I’d never get there) and to celebrate, my brother took me to the Dirty Dog Jazz Café in Grosse Pointe.
This restaurant was nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before. They aim to make the experience as memorable and intimate as possible for each of their guests. One of the ways they insure this, is to limit the seating to a few tables around the restaurant and a couple of seats at the bar.
What makes this restaurant special is the care and attention given to even the most minor details, from the live jazz band to the waiters. It’s so smoothly orchestrated you never once notice that your water glass is always full. The food is brought out quickly and efficiently, so as not to distract you from the music. The decor in itself is enough to portray the amount of consideration devoted to every aspect. The very doors within the building were purchased from a castle in England and transported to the States, specifically for The Dirty Dog. This is a restaurant a person needs to experience at least once in their lives.
So, yes, my summer was filled with new experiences. I feel every year should include a good number of those. Most likely, I won’t have too many more summers as free as this one, but I hope they are just as exciting. I hope everyone had as good a break as I had, and is ready for an even better semester, because that’s what we do at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. We know how to have a good time. So without
further ado, welcome back.