Latin American Student Association (LASA) members (from left to right): President Candido Condori, Vice-President Laura Sanchez and E-board member Carolina Noguez represent their organization at the Unity Reception.

While students started classes for the fall 2014 semester, UM-Dearborn set off Welcome Week with numerous events to celebrate the beginning of the school year and help new students get involved with student-run clubs as well.

To start off Welcome Week, the Office of Student Engagements hosted the second annual Unity Reception on September 3, in the Kochoff hall, room C.

The Unity Reception is meant for students to share conversation with one another and learn more about diversity along with cultural aspects of the campus.

“The Unity Reception encourages them to seek out more opportunities to learn about more opportunities about the different types of diversity resources here on campus,” says Tasha Williams from the Office of Student Engagements.

The reception was visited by the Latin American Student Association (LASA), which teach cultural dances at Salsa Night, Tango and hold a Cultural Expo. In addition to the dances, LASA also does community services such as Community Outreach and raising funds for scholarships. For more information, contact

The Chaldean American Student Association (CASA) made an appearance and they promoted the Dearborn community by providing community services and preserves culture. UM-Dearborn’s CASA also works with numerous CASA organizations on other campuses. Contact for more information.

The Black Student Union’s (BSU) mission is to encourage and support an environment that is helpful to the growth of students who are of African descent and the university life. For UM-Dearborn’s BSU chapter, they unite and guide African American Students on campus. Email for more information.

When it comes to benefiting the student body, student Sharon Rose said, “They’ll benefit the way I did by meeting interesting people, having an intriguing conversation and finding out what different cultures have in common.”