BY LAURA SANCHEZ, Opinions Editor

With establishing an Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) to serve as a local governing body for National Interfraternity Conference fraternity chapters and the addition of a new Latino-based fraternity, Alpha Psi Lambda, major changes are coming to UM-Dearborn’s Greek Life this fall. The IFC will minister as a foundation for teamwork and collaboration between the six fraternities on campus, while the creation of the new fraternity will bolster an even more diverse Greek Life membership and environment.

Jung Koral, a transfer and international student advisor in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, will serve as an advisor to the Inter-Fraternity Council. Since the creation of the IFC is such an important moment for the Greek community on campus, Koral expressed just how honored he is that Greek Life and the IFC offered the position of advisor to him. “I was actually surprised that UM-Dearborn didn’t have an IFC. The foundation of the IFC is a pivotal moment for the Greek community at UM-Dearborn. During our first meetings, it’s become quite clear that we all share many of the same values and interests. The IFC is about teamwork and collaboration to elevate the missions of our individual chapters. Without an official forum, that’s very difficult to achieve.”

Koral explains, “The IFC is working hard to plan activities that both bring the fraternal community together and contribute to our campus community. This year, you will see more events sponsored or co-sponsored by the IFC.”
While the IFC will bridge ideas and events between already-existent fraternities on campus, the creation of a new fraternity, Alpha Psi Lambda will bring a new viewpoint and membership to campus.

Alpha Psi Lambda is a Latino-based co-ed fraternity aimed at building strong cultural bonds, promoting new social experiences, all while encouraging strong academics. This fraternity will also serve as a chapter that will advocate for Latino students and their issues on campus in order to increase awareness and impact on the community.

Brenda Hernandez, a student from the College of Business, is one of the founding members of Alpha Psi Lambda, and notes that this new fraternity will be an excellent addition to campus. She remarks, “I am very passionate in terms of diversity and everyone should be encouraged to embrace their culture in and outside of the classroom, at work, and at social gatherings. “

The Greek community on campus, including current fraternities and sororities on campus, in conjunction with Greek Life advisor, Kristin McDonough, were integral components when creating the IFC and bringing Alpha Psi Lambda to campus. Koral remarks, “The Greek Life Office and the member organizations have worked really hard to bring about the creation of the IFC. They should be congratulated for their vision and initiative.” Hernandez agrees. “Already, I’m feeling the support of potential members of Alpha Psi Lambda and with great pleasure the support of other fraternities and sororities on campus. I encourage everyone to commit to the opportunity of a lifetime!”