Photo courtesy of and Via Christine Kysely

By Monica Sabella, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Photo courtesy of and Via Christine Kysely
Photo courtesy of and
Via Christine Kysely

 Have you noticed the change? It’s subtle, but definitely there. The weather is steadily becoming cooler and there’s a slight crisp freshness in the air. Autumn is on the doorstep.

I woke up Thursday morning and I could have sworn it was a Monday. The last place I wanted to be was stuck behind a computer in an office, managing accounts and filing papers. Coming to the conclusion that a coffee break was the best way to start the day, I headed down the hall towards the coffee machine, that’s when I saw it. Sitting beside the Mr. Coffee was a beautiful brown bag filled to the brim with golden apples. Someone had gone to a cider mill.

Those new to Michigan. may not realize that we are crazy when it comes to our doughnuts and cider. We’re fanatics, really.

According to, a site dedicated to attracting tourism within the state, there are more than two hundred cider mills in Mich.

I lived in Nebraska for three years and I can tell you for a fact that autumn was the longest season for me. That state is so cider-mill deprived, it’s pathetic. The closest thing they have is a sad, small, wanna-be pumpkin patch and that’s it. This distressing predicament only gets worse the farther west you go.

You would think that at least Wash. state, being the biggest producer of apples in the country, would at least understand and appreciate a cider mill, but no. They’ve never heard of it. Who knew that we held a Midwestern oddity hidden among the trees of our humble, yet extensive, apple orchards? It’s obviously not autumn to a Michigander, if you can’t walk around a pumpkin patch with a cinnamon doughnut and a mug of hot apple cider.

I don’t know how that makes you feel, but I feel pretty good. Mich. has, once again, succeeded in standing out a little. Here’s to a long and colorful autumn, friends.