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On Sept. 16, members from fraternities, such as Phi Sigma Phi and Tau Kappa Epsilon set up at the University Center stage for Go Greek! Day.

The first sorority on UM-Dearborn campus, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, was incorporated in 1984.  It was an opportunity to develop a new student organization that was about coming together and building a smaller community within the campus community, according to Kristin McDonough.

McDonough is the coordinator for Greek Life in the office of Student Engagement and she says that because of what students see about fraternities and sororities on media, and in movies, it can set a bad impression for the idea of a fraternity or sorority. However, she said, “On our campus, we are very excited to say we are committed to no hazing whatsoever.”

She also shared that the goal is to provide students with an experience that helps improve the collegiate experience and prepare students for success in the future.

The mission of Go Greek! Day is to influence students to become active with the fraternities and sororities and to also take hold of the benefits and opportunities in which joining Greek life can give.

Many students, such as Devin Robinson and Zach Kerstein, who both belong to a fraternity, share the same reasons as to why a student should join the Greek life.

Robinson from Phi Sigma Phi said, “Students should join a fraternity or sorority because of the networking and the social aspect.” Robinson also thinks that joining a Greek club can lead to success in academics and also careers. He continued with, “Many of fraternities and sororities do a lot philanthropy work and with networking, it can lead to internships which can lead to a stable job.”

For his first year at the University of Michigan – Dearborn, Robinson’s routine was going to class and then going home, similar to the aspects of high school. He said when he joined a fraternity, “It was one of the best decisions of my life.”

Kerstein from Tau Kappa Epsilon says students are hesitant to join a Greek organization because of the movie stereotypes and the way they portray fraternities and sororities. “I always tell people that those actions displayed in movies are not true. Of course, the Greek community likes to have fun, however we are also beneficial to the community.”

For more information or questions about Greek life on campus, students can contact Kristin McDonough in the Office of Student Engagement at 313-593-5390 or over email