University of Michigan-Dearborn Fieldhouse
University of Michigan-Dearborn Fieldhouse
University of Michigan-Dearborn Fieldhouse

By ERICK LEHMAN, Staff Reporter

The power may have been out in the Fieldhouse from Sept. 6-10, but that was not going to stop the University of Michigan-Dearborn hockey team from preparing to open up the 2014-2015 season at home.

On Friday Sept. 5, storms rolled through Southeastern Mich., knocking power out across the area, including the Fieldhouse and University Center on campus.

There was plenty of uncertainty across campus as to whether power would be restored during the week, but the players were not at all worried.

“The backup plan was not really a question,” senior Forward, Jeremy Klotz said. “We knew the old, reliable Fieldhouse would be back in action.”

Luckily for fans, parents and players, the electricity was fully restored to the Fieldhouse on Sept. 10 and the Fieldhouse opened around 4 p.m., setting the stage for the home opener to carry on. During the outage, the Fieldhouse was maintained by generators.

The hockey team refused to let the lack of electricity hinder their preparation to take on the Indiana Tech just a few days later, as they held all of their practices at the “DISC”, the Dearborn Ice Skating Club, on Ford Road, according to Klotz. The senior also stated that there was no tension or worry amongst the team about the unfortunate events.

The power outage was quickly forgotten as the hockey team went on to sweep the opening weekend series with Indiana Tech.