University of Michigan-Dearborn is home to many clubs and organizations. One strong community organization on campus is the sororities. This past week was Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment. Women interested in getting more information about sorority life could sign up to receive the schedule for recruitment week and speak with Rho Gammas during the Student Organization Fair on September 9. This provided an excellent opportunity to explore everything Greek Life has to offer.

Recruitment kick-off started on Monday, September 15 running until Saturday, September 20. The process took place in several stages. Kick-off began with a meet and greet between the Rho Gammas and any prospective recruits. Rho Gammas are recruitment counselors trained specially for recruitment. They are separated from their sororities in the summer and temporarily disassociate. Their sorority affiliation is kept secret until after recruitment to prevent recruits from being swayed to one sorority or another. The meet and greet was followed with the first round on Tuesday.

The Rho Gammas were again available to answer any and all questions about sorority life before the first round took place. The first round started at 6:30pm and ran until 9:30pm giving plenty of time for potential new members who had class to make it there on time. When a potential new member arrived they were given 20 minutes with each sorority. This gave potential new members the opportunity to meet women of each sorority and decide which one they could see themselves joining.

Wednesday was the same format as Tuesday and potential new members were required to attend at least one of these days.

Kristin Crowley, the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment, encouraged the recruits to come to both events in the informational email the women received. “If you are able to attend both days we encourage it, as it will provide you with more time to get to know you as well.” Round three took place on Thursday beginning at 6:45pm. This round was more involved than the previous ones. Potential new members were given forty-five minutes in each of the sorority rooms giving them an even better opportunity to get to know the sorority women. At the end of this day, the potential new members were asked to rank the sororities, based on the impression they received.

The final day of recruitment week were the preference ceremonies and Bid Day. This was the day that potential new members found out which sorority would be their new home, so to speak.

The day began at Fairlane Center, starting off with preference ceremonies. Preference ceremonies are an open ritual where individuals are asked by different sororities to participate with them. After the preference ceremonies the potential new members were asked to again rank the sororities one last time.

During the lunch break, a computer system was used for bid matching. Bid matching is when each potential new member submits a list of the sororities they would like to be a part of in a particular order. The sororities submit a list of women they’re interested in having. Then sororities and potential new members are matched together based on the submitted lists.

Once the bid matching was finished, potential new members were individually told what bid they received and could either accept or decline the offer.
Finally, the Bid Day celebrations took place, allowing new sorority members to announce which sorority they chose. Then, the Rho Gammas finally revealed which sorority they belonged to. Phi Mu welcomed eighteen new women and both Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Sigma Sigma welcomed sixteen new women. This brings the chapter averages to fifty members, an all time campus high.

Now that recruitment week is over, new members will be initiated and can begin attending weekly meetings and events hosted by each chapter.