By ZAC PALMER, Staff Writer

When I Google ‘NFL’, these are the headlines that I see, “NFL players out amid claims of violence”, “Arizona Cardinal posts bond after arrest on domestic violence allegations”, and “Ray Rice: A Focus on Violence Against Women”. I don’t see anything about last week’s action, nor do I find any previews for this Sunday’s slate of big games. Isn’t the NFL supposed to be about football?

On Feb. 15 of this year, Ray Rice punched and knocked out his then fiancé, Janay Palmer. Not long after, TMZ released a video of Rice dragging her carelessly out of the elevator.

Rice was indicted for the domestic violence charge of aggravated assault and Roger Goodell (Commissioner of the NFL) issued him a two-game suspension. This was the NFL’s first mistake.

There was a great public disapproval for the weakness of the penalty. Nobody thought the NFL took domestic violence seriously, and the video that came out on Sept. 8 reinforced that theory.

In this video it shows Ray Rice landing the punch that knocked out Janay Palmer. The severity of the action is terrible. Palmer was thrown across the elevator, hitting her head on a railing and lay still on the ground. She woke up a minute later, the severity of the punch Rice threw could very well have killed her.

With the release of this video, Goodell now suspended Rice indefinitely and the Baltimore Ravens terminated his contract. Only problem being, the NFL knew what happened in that elevator months before that video came out. All the facts were there, but no public pressure existed until this video came out.

The biggest controversy though, was unveiled a short time ago. Roger Goodell had told the press that the NFL hadn’t seen the second video until everyone else had and that they tried to get access to it, but were denied. Sources inside the commissioner’s show that the second video was received April 9 of this year, contradicting what Goodell said.

If this allegation is true, than in my opinion, Goodell and other involved NFL executives should resign or be fired. It is unacceptable for something of this magnitude to slide right by the NFL, and then doubly worse, lie about it to the public.roger goodell

Greg Hardy, who plays for the Carolina Panthers was involved in a similar transgression, but still no punishment from the NFL. The difference in his case though, is there was no video of him assaulting his then girlfriend.

Another player, Jonathan Dwyer who plays for the Arizona Cardinals, was just arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend and 18 month old child.

When those are the biggest stories of the week, you know there’s a problem with the NFL. I’m a huge football fan, but frankly I’m disgusted by what these individuals who play football do off the field. The NFL should be an organization that provides a positive influence on the community. The image they’re projecting right now is one of thugs and liars. That needs to change.