By LAURA SANCHEZ, Opinions Editor 

It wouldn’t be right for Fall/Autumn to start and not write an article about it. After all, the first article I wrote for the Michigan Journal – one year ago!- was exactly about fall. I was quite verbose on the fact that fall was indeed my favorite season, and nothing could trump that fact.

But then last winter happened, and of course, everything fell apart. Snow fell and fell and fell, the cold simply wouldn’t leave, and I think I wore boots every day for five months. The snow barely left the ground, and I barely left my house (except to do mundane things, like going to school).

I was ecstatic when warmer air came, but even more excited to go back to hot, sunny Mexico for a whole month.

My friends and parents would complain about the heat, but for the first time in forever, not a complaint came out of my mouth. And then I came back to Michigan and we had a whole series of seeming end-of-the-world thunderstorms, but it’s been pretty stable lately. But now it’s officially fall, and while I’m not over my enthusiasm for the season, I’m not quite ready for it to come.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love the ever-changing, colorful leaves, the multitude of specialty coffee drinks, and the chunky sweaters, but fall means winter, and winter means cold, snow, rinse, and repeat. I’m not ready for that type of harrowing situation again, and to be honest, I think all of Michigan is pretty over it as well.Colourful autumnal leaves illuminated by the sun

The weirdest part about this first week of fall is the fact that it’s been extremely warm. It’s skirts-and-shorts weather, it’s still iced tea weather, and it’s beautiful, basking-in-the-sun type of weather. The only bad thing about this is that I can’t handle being chilly in the morning and having to take off my layers later in the afternoon.

Being on campus all day means trudging along, holding a sweater in hand because I never know how the weather will fare for the day. I wish the weather could match the fall-ish mood that’s in the air, but I guess we’ll have to deal for a couple of more weeks. Postponing the chilly weather is fine by me

But the worst part about this week was the cold that I developed over the weekend, surely a consequence of the changing weather and my weakening immune system caused by the onslaught of business and work. If I were extremely pessimistic, I’d say that fall brought this cold on, but we’re all about trying to be positive here right? Well, that’s what I’m trying to tell myself, anyways.

So here’s to the most charming season of the year, which I welcome with hesitant but open arms. Hopefully I’ll make my way towards a cider mill this year, and get to jump into a huge pile of leaves. I’ll wear a couple of new sweaters and buy myself a new pair of boots, and simply remember that the worse is yet to come. I’ll simply enjoy it while it lasts.