Ford reps give advice to students on Ford Day

On Monday, Sept. 22,  Ford Motor Company visited the University of Michigan – Dearborn’s College of Business, for Ford Day, to give students the chance to obtain internships in numerous departments such as finance, marketing, and information technology (IT).

According to Director of IT Security and Strategy, Keith Moss, life at Ford could not be better. “I love it! It’s challenging, the people are fantastic and our main goal is to be one!”

Ford representatives also mentioned the Ford College Graduate program (FCG); which features a three year paid internship broken down into three parts.

For each of the three years, the graduate will work in different departments of Ford Motor Company; one department for each year. Then at the end of three years, the graduate will choose which department they enjoyed most. Students do not need any prior connections to Ford in order to qualify for this three year internship.

Regarding a student’s resume, Ford Representative, Nirusha Loganathan, says the student’s grade point average should be noted at the top of the page and the resumes should be straight to the point concerning experience that matches with the position at Ford Motor.

Another Ford Rep., Obinna Ezidi, also added, “They are paying close attention to the attitude a potential intern can bring to the company and, most importantly, team work.”

Donald Antosiewicz of the Finance department says, “A company cannot work individually. Teamwork is the most important aspect that an intern needs to have.”  He also added that students need to be prepared to take on leadership roles as well.

Software Engineer, Nicholas Thorne, said Ford is actively looking for interns and that the number will be in the double digits.

For more information on internships and careers with Ford, including their FCG program, visit