Dave Brandon (left) chats with Brady Hoke (right) following a Michigan football game. (Photo courtesy of AP).
Dave Brandon (left) chats with Brady Hoke (right) following a Michigan football game. (Photo courtesy of AP).
Dave Brandon (left) chats with Brady Hoke (right) following a Michigan football game. (Photo courtesy of AP).

By GEOFF MEHL, Staff Reporter

The University of Michigan completed its most newsworthy week in recent history. From a Shane Morris concussion to helicopters circling the Diag in Ann Arbor covering a Dave Brandon protest, Wolverines football has been under a ton of heat.
Here is a timeline breaking down the most recent events.

Saturday, Sept. 27- Michigan lost its first game in the conference schedule, falling to Minnesota 30-14, and losing the little brown jug to the Gophers for the first time since 2005. Quarterback, Shane Morris was left in the game after taking a hard hit, leaving fans and media suspecting a concussion. Head Coach, Brady Hoke said he didn’t know if Morris had a concussion or not after the game.

Monday, Sept. 29- Hoke went his scheduled press conference and made the quote “He hasn’t been diagnosed (with a concussion)” two days after the game. Earlier in the day, he stated they would never put a hurt player back in the game. Players and coaches defended Hoke and his statements. Hoke said a statement would be released to media that day detailing Morris’ injury.

Tuesday, Sept. 30- The press release. The athletic department and Dave Brandon released their statement at 1 a.m., stating that Shane Morris had been diagnosed with a mild concussion and that the lack of communication between the coaches and medical staff had failed, resulting in the issue of returning Morris to the game with a concussion. An estimated 1,000 people showed up on the campus in Ann Arbor in protest, calling for the job of Dave Brandon and Hoke.

Wednesday, Oct. 1- Hoke held his scheduled press conference and had to address the media about why his information on Monday was contradictory the information given out in the release from the University and the athletic department. Hoke said he did not feel left out to dry and that himself and Brandon have a good working relationship and that these lacks of communications will be fixed.

Thursday, Oct. 2 – Hoke went on his weekly radio appearance on 97.1 and had to address the past week and game against Rutgers on Saturday. He expressed that Dave Brandon does not run the football program and that he makes the final decisions. He also reiterated that it was not his responsibility to know the health of every player and that the medical staff is relied on for those decisions. Brandon held interviews in his office to explain the situation over the past week. He said Hoke’s job is safe and that it isn’t fair to the program or kids if he fires a coach mid-season. He also expressed that he never thought of resigning and that it was hurtful to his family that people were protesting to get him fired.

Saturday Oct. 4- Michigan played Rutgers under the lights in New Jersey. It marked Rutgers’ first Big Ten conference game in school history. Down late in the game by two, Michigan had a questionable catch called ruled incomplete that would have given them a first down in Rutgers territory, leading to a turnover on downs. Rutgers clinched its first conference win, 26-24, against the Wolverines.