That time is upon us again. Skeletons dancing, pumpkin spice lattes, cornstalks randomly appearing where they shouldn’t be, Hocus Pocus… and of course Halloween costumes; a combination that can only come to fruition one month out of the year. October is awesome.


Let’s focus in on that costumes bit. For those of you who don’t cosplay (which is dress up as characters in popular culture for conventions or for fun), Halloween time marks the only time out of the year where it’s acceptable to dress in totally weird outfits and have no one bat an eye at you. There are some costumes that – rightfully – earn derision, like costumes that are racist, sexist, inappropriate, or otherwise hurtful. In some circles, the “sexy” costume for women falls under the category of inappropriate.


I guess I’m not in that camp. I truly do not understand the anger towards these costumes. Yeah, it gets a bit ridiculous when there is a sexy version of literally anything you can imagine (like corn… literally a sexy ear of corn), I’m not going to deny that. I’ve done my fair share of eye-rolling. But you know why those costumes exist? It’s because people buy them. Supply and demand, people. You have every right not to wear those costumes, but there comes a time when you insult the wearer and not just the costume.


I know plenty of women who immediately call the women who wear sexy costumes “sluts” and “attention whores” for simply wanting to dress in something goofy for Halloween. Last I checked, the women who buy sexy Halloween costumes know full well what they’re buying and are not under some delusion that they’re doing it for male attention. It’s their money and their body, so let them dress how they want for one night, an ear of corn or otherwise.


Even though it may not seem that way, there are plenty of costumes that are more conservative and play more into the Halloween spirit of yesteryear. Clowns and witches and masks are always a popular choice. Be creative and make your own even. For me, I say have an adult Halloween however you want. Dress in purple balloons and go as a mound of grapes for all I care. For the most part, your parents have probably been having final call on all your costumes when you did the trick-or-treating. Now you have the opportunity to go all out. Don’t hold anyone back because you don’t find a certain costume to suit women. Don’t accuse them of objectifying themselves if it’s their choice to wear what they want. It’s one day out of the year. Life is just way too short to get angry about this. Get angry about people who go in blackface. Get angry about people who dress as stereotypes or costumes of extremely poor taste. Get angry about people who treat a culture as a costume. You know what’s not a culture? An ear of corn.


Sexy is here to stay for Halloweening grown-ups who make their own money and buy their own costumes for one night of drinking and partying. In the words of Elsa (who probably has a sexy costume all herself, let’s not doubt that), ‘let it go’.


*And this should go without saying, but just because someone is dressed up as a sexy [fill in the blank] does not give you license to assume they’re open to anything or license to consider it an invitation. Don’t be a creep.*