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By Jason Robinson, Guest Writer

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Denzel Washington reminds you that he’s worth his weight in Gold, or in this case body bags.

The Equalizer casts Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, a retired black ops specialist in this action suspense film. He’s your local big box home improvement handyman that’s hiding his past for a new life of atonement and peace. Embracing his new structured life, Denzel’s character becomes a man of the people. He builds a family of friends through his altruistic actions.

The Russian mob sieges Mccall’s family after he becomes an unsuspecting benefactor for an escort played by Chloe Mortez( Hugo). This benevolent act propels Robert McCall on a slow churning collision course with the Russian mob, and their most formidable enforcer, played by Martin Csokas (The Bourne Supremacy).

But It gets even better.

The Russian bad guys stalk McCall like a raccoon, and backs him into a corner.

Denzel transforms his character from being the hunted to being the hunter. After receiving the blessing from his old government friend, McCall arms himself to the teeth with an array of home improvement tools. His black ops knowledge creates a competitive advantage that allows Robert McCall to set New York ablaze, creating his own killing field.

Denzel stacks the body high. He’s imbued with the spirit of McGyver, as he turns old clocks into spy cameras to conduct counter surveillance upon his enemies. He ambushes his enemies under the cloak of darkness, and moves through the night time shadows. Displaying his mortality, McCall takes on a few wounds from his sentinel affairs. The hunter retreats to his lair for triage. He patches himself up with honey and herbs.

If that wasn’t cool enough. Here is a brief list of the tools of death:

• corkscrew

• shot glass

• nail gun

• paper weight

• an electricity socket

A local big box hardware turned grind house, brilliant!

If the use of those weapon didn’t excite you, how about a Mortal Kombat style punch to the throat with a corkscrew? Better yet, how about the visuals of a crucifixion created by a high speed camera shot?

Director, Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), really excites our eyes and senses with his well crafted scenes and methodical storytelling. The Narrative story saunters and seduces us through this two hour and five minute movie. Mr. Fuqua tells a visually compelling story. His actions sequences are just enough for us red meat chomping viewers.

All in all, The Equalizer is a well crafted big screen adaptation from the acclaimed 80’s TV series, which hosted a high level intelligence officer who took on the jobs of unsuspecting working class citizens. It was a hit then, and The Equalizer is a hit now. It displays enough action to satisfy the primal taste for action films, and the well written screenplay hooks you enough to keep you engaged during the low moments. Be careful if you don’t pay attention. You just might leave the theater a bit warm and tingly from the story’s moral component.