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By Aaron Ynclan, Staff Writer

Do you ever get tired of your goldfish?

Pets are some of the most wonderful companions in the world, but for gamers they can sometimes be just a little mundane. Sure, cats are adorable and dogs are loyal to a fault, but what about the fire-breathing dragon you tamed and rode in “Skyrim”? How about the laser shooting Mechaton from “Bulletstorm,” or even the Mabari attack hounds of “Dragon Age”? With that in mind, let’s take a look at just a few pets that video games make us wish we had.

Chocobo– One of the most recognized mounts in gaming, Chocobos have been a recurring element of the “Final Fantasy” series since their first appearance in “Final Fantasy II”. Although the most common type is flightless, stronger breeds can fly with ease while others can swim vast distances. They’re like the horses of the Final Fantasy realm, except more feather-y.

Yoshi– Nintendo’s favorite green dragon might be a star player now, but Yoshi first got his start as Mario’s personal steed. A native of Yoshi Island, Yoshi was trapped in an egg until Mario and Luigi rescued him. Now he spends his time protecting his fellow Yoshi, swallowing and leaping past any enemy that threatens his home.

Dogmeat– Even in the aftermath of the apocalypse, nothing can replace the comfort of man’s best friend. Found wandering the Scrapyard of “Fallout 3,” Dogmeat becomes a possible companion for the Lone Wanderer after he’s rescued from a group of raiders. As adept at scavenging for treasure as he is fighting bandits, Dogmeat remains one of the few bright spots in the unforgiving Capital Wasteland.

Pokémon– The ultimate collection of video game pets, “Pokémon” is one of the most enduring and beloved franchises in gaming. Whether training to battle the Elite Four, grooming for the master level Pokémon Contest, or just exploring the world to find new Pokémon, the adventures to be had alongside these critters remains endless. And with over 700 different species to choose from, there’s no shortage of Pokémon for gamers to bring with them.