By Sarah Elhelou, Student Government President

Happy October! This month, Student Government is working to continue our ongoing effort for voter engagement. With the General Election quickly approaching, SG has a few more events we are looking forward to. This year, there are two open seats for the University of Michigan Board of Regents. SG will be hosting a forum including the three candidates running for the two open seats. This event will be an open opportunity for faculty, staff and students to learn more about the candidates. The Board of Regents votes on influential decisions for our campus that can impact all. It is important for every member of this university to attend this forum to gain more knowledge about each candidate they plan to vote for. Today, Student Government is co-sponsoring and will be partaking in an event with the Arab Student Union. Debbie Dingell is visiting our campus to learn about the concerns students have regarding student loan debt. During this intimate discussion, students will have the opportunity to share stories about how student loan debt has impacted their education.

Finally, for the month of October, Student Government has nominated Kristin McDonough for our Community Member of the Month! Kristin is the Coordinator for Greek Life in the Office for Student Engagement. Kristin’s dedication and passion for student life is admired both inside and outside of the Greek community. We are so thankful to have Kristin on our campus to guide students and motivate them to be their absolute best. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to this campus, Kristin!