Homecoming week will continue to take place all over UMD campus from Oct 21 to Oct 24

By Craig Henderson
Student Life Editor

On Oct. 21 to the 24, the Office for Student Engagement will be hosting ‘Here We Glow Again’, UM-Dearborn Homecoming 2014. This weekly event will continue to have activities every day from Oct 21 to 24. Monday’s activities were as such: Door Decorating Contest held in the Student Org Center, Cardboard boat races at the chancellors pond and the Neon Nights: Craft Night at the Victors Den in the Union.

“Homecoming is all about having different events that is aimed at engaging students at a really critical time in the semester because it takes place in the 7 – 8 week mark.” Coordinator of Campus Activities and Residential Engagement Seth Newell says. “This is the opportunity where students are getting adjusted and feeling the stress from classes as well. It’s another time to create that social touch point and get people involved, engaged, and excited.”

Homecoming gets UM-Dearborn Alumni to return to campus and experience the rich traditions that are hosted such as the Alumni Awards and also lets them participate in the weekly activities to come. This year’s event concluding Homecoming week will be featuring the Victors for Michigan Campaign Launch.

Newell said that the Campaign launch is more than a $60 million capital campaign and currently it is at $20 million.

Newell also mentions that considering UM-Dearborn does not have a football team, the school is crowning the women’s volleyball game and their senior night as well. The game is at 7 p.m. on Wednesday Night. First 100 students will be given homecoming goodies.

He continued with saying, “Considering UM-Dearborn is primarily a commuter campus, athletics is not necessarily as large as a focus as it would be at a residential institution. We want to drive students to the game and support one another in our scholarship and athletic endeavors and celebrate all of what the University of Michigan – Dearborn experience is.”

Oct. 23 will be the day of the Homecoming Ball. The Ball is semi-formal attire and students can obtain tickets at the Office of Student Engagement. It will take place at the Victors Den in the Union. Tickets are free, however students are asked to still get tickets so the OSE can approximate how much food will be needed for the event. The Ball will be catered by UM-Dearborn’s Picasso Restaurant Group.

Victors for Michigan Campaign launch is taking place on Friday Oct. 24 from 5 to 10 p.m. all over campus. That day will feature Light Up the Night Fall Fest, music performances by singer/song writer Maxx Lencel, Dearborn Big Band, poetry by students, a band called ‘About’, DJ Aaron Buckley, and All Systems Go.

Another part of the campaign launch is Victors Fun Night put on through Alumni Relations which will feature carnival games that are family friendly.

Other activities during the week are glow in the dark dodgeball at the Fieldhouse at 9 pm on Tuesday Oct. 21; on Wednesday Oct. 22, the Kochoff carpeted lounge will hold a hot chocolate bar and the volleyball game at the Fieldhouse at 7 pm.

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