Ruben Cabello makes a cut during the Wolverines game against Taylor University. (Photo courtesy of Indira Cabello).
Ruben Cabello makes a cut during the Wolverines game against Taylor University. (Photo courtesy of Indira Cabello).
Ruben Cabello makes a cut during the Wolverines game against Taylor University. (Photo courtesy of Indira Cabello).

By JORDAN KONIOR, Staff Reporter

Ruben Cabello netted the game-winning goal against Central Michigan in the University of Michigan-Dearborn lacrosse program’s fall-ball opener on Oct. 11. Afterwards, Cabello was nominated as a candidate in the Michigan Journal’s UM-Dearborn Player of the Week vote for Issue 7. With 40 percent of the vote, Cabello edged Jeremy Klotz for the honors.

In my time of interviewing Cabello, I noticed that he was unlike the common athlete. He loves to travel, he loves to work out, but unlike most athletes he has a natural liking for the spotlight. He has a sports personality that would be fun to cover, and he dropped some very insightful information on me throughout this interview. Here it is if you don’t believe me.

Q: How does it feel to be selected as Player of the Week by the MJ?

A: It feels good. I honestly didn’t even know I was nominated until someone told me and it felt like my hard work this offseason is paying off.

Q: Speaking of hard work this offseason, what did your workouts consist of?

A: I played in a summer league and winter league so I didn’t miss much game experience. I also played “wall ball” which is basically passing to yourself. I practiced both hands to make myself better. And lastly I just worked out to keep in shape.

Q: What was the name of this league? Did you play with any teammates? Or rivals?

A: The summer league was by Champion Lacrosse. They have a website. And the winter league was done by the Brighton Legacy Center. I played with mostly teammates and a few players from other teams like Oakland U, and Lawrence Tech, both rivals.

Q: How did you guys do overall? Record?

A: We did OK, we didn’t have our full squad and we mixed with other players to form teams in the summer. In the winter it was drop-in play.

Q: Understandable. What about the team for this upcoming season? What team goals did you guys set for yourselves?

A: This year we’re looking solid. It’s a young team with a lot of potential. Our main goal is to win our conference and make playoffs.

Q: Which team do you most look forward to playing within the conference?

A: I can’t wait to play Lawrence Tech. It’s always been a battle out there against them and I can’t wait to play this year. It should be good.

Q: How have you guys done vs. Lawrence Tech prior to?

A: Two years ago we won, and last year we lost. Both games were high intensity the entire time.

Q: Anybody on that team you most look forward to playing against? Or hate playing against?

A: I think they have a solid team overall. There’s no one person I really hate. I just like how we play with them on the field.

Q: Has the schedule been released for the upcoming season? If so, what team are you most excited about playing, other than Lawrence Tech?

A: They are still finalizing our spring schedule so I don’t know the exact schedule yet, but I do know we’re going to North Carolina. That is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to play whoever we play.

Q: Man I know that’s exciting for you guys. How do you guys plan to travel down there?

A: We will take a bus. Watch movies, sleep, and eat.

Q: Sounds like the life to me. How many hours away from home is that?

A: I think 12.

Q: Since you’re travelling that far, what movies would you most like to watch on that bus trip if you could choose?

A: I prefer comedy. Will Ferrell or Kevin Hart.

Q: So I take it you’ll be going to see Kevin Hart’s new comedy “Wedding Ringer” in January?

A: Probably.

Q: Okay now for more lacrosse. Do you hope to play professionally?

A: That would be sweet, but I’m not good enough.

Q: Do you watch MLL? If so, who is your favorite team?

A: Not really. I usually watch college during the spring. I don’t have the MLL channel.

Q: Okay fair enough. Favorite collegiate team?

A: Forever Michigan. But I love Virginia. They are always good.

Q: What play would you say you model your game after?

A: I have no idea. I just play.

Q: Fast break, one-on-one, mano-y-mano, what is your go-to move with the game on the line?

A: Oooo I can’t give that secret weapon up. Just kidding. I usually split left to right then roll back again. Triple deke all day.