By Valerie Zaleski, Guest Writer

The taunting, teasing and harassing, when does it stop? After graduating high school, many think their days of being bullied will come to an end. Unfortunately for many students, it continues in college by means of discrimination. In response, from October 13 to October 17 this year, Student Government partnered with Pride and the Include to raise awareness about bullying through their Anti-Bullying Week campaign.

The Anti-Bullying Week campaign ran events from Monday through Thursday to increase student awareness concerning the topic of bullying. On Monday, a social media push happened where students posted the #MGoesPurple banner as their Facebook profile picture. On Tuesday, an ad campaign was posted around campus displaying the statistics of bullying. On Wednesday, the UC stage supported students to share and shed the labels they have been given from bullies. This also provided students with more information about bullying and buttons to wear for showing their support. On Thursday, also known as National Anti-Bullying Day, students were encouraged to wear purple to show their support and were able to attend ally training.

The UM-Dearborn’s issue of bullying “can always be improving and setting the standard for other campuses,” said Mariam Mustafa. This campus strives to be an inclusive university and wants students to feel that they are included rather than feeling harassed by others.
The outcome of the Anti-Bullying Week campaign is in hopes that the observers of bullying will point it out to those in the act of discriminating their peers because sometimes all it takes to end the bullying is telling that person what they are actually doing.