No, not a real Yak. Yik Yak. It’s the new (or at least newly popular) app that targets adults and lets them post anonymous 200-word “yaks”. If you aren’t familiar with the new rave, it’s pretty much an anonymous Twitter basedyik yak on location. You can “up-vote” or “down-vote” Yaks similarly to how you can “favorite” Twitter posts.

So for example, while in Dearborn, you can see all the Yaks posted and post Yaks yourself for others to see in Dearborn.

While the app could easily go downhill very quickly, there is a small effort of a safeguard put into place to ensure nasty things don’t stay on the site.

If a Yak gets 5 down-votes, it automatically gets deleted. But, as you can guess, some people find humor in things that are offensive and inappropriate (imagine that) and the Yaks don’t go away. Yik Yak also doesn’t allow the use of full names or phone numbers, and automatically deletes Yaks with either in them.

The app is offensive, inappropriate, strange, funny and entertaining…which are all words that could sum up college, so I guess you could say us college students love it.

Although, it has caused many of us to check Yik Yak after walking by a highly populated area, such as the University Center or the Mardigian Library (second floor, I’m talking about you), just to make sure we made it out without being Yakked about. Many of the yaks here are about the parking struggle.

All in all, the app is a new way to find out what others are thinking and since it’s anonymous, most people will literally post whatever is on their mind. It gives students a new way to connect and share whatever pops into their heads. I think it’d be a lot more fun if there were less negative yaks about people and just more funny, in-good-humor ones. Not everyone is going to say nice things, especially since they’ll never face the consequences of it due to the anonymous factor.

The best thing to do if you do have the app, is just post for the fun of it, not to make fun. Because we all enjoy having something funny and relatable to read up on between classes (never during classes…..shh), college is stressful enough.