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By Alyssa Dorchak, Guest Writer

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The rebellious pop princess, Alecia Moore, more commonly known as P!NK, and Canadian folk singer, Dallas Green of City and Colour, have joined forces to make the brand new duo You+Me (pronounced “You plus Me”). They released their debut album, Rose Ave., this past Wednesday on Oct. 14.

The pairing of the pop superstar and the soft-spoken vocalist hailing from Canada was quite unexpected, but so was the making of the album itself. Moore and Green met through a mutual friend and have been friends for several years. Moore had always thought about wanting to sing alongside Green and in the Vevo interview on You+Me’s official website.

Moore said, “I thought to myself ‘Huh, maybe one day if I get good enough, he’d sing with me?’” Sure enough when she asked Dallas to work with her, he was more than willing. Green and Moore got together in March and what started as just wanting to hang out and play some music turned into a spur-of-the-moment recording session. Much to his surprise, when he arrived at Moore’s house, she told him she had rented out a studio just in case.

Moore said, “I like to be prepared when the mood strikes.”

Well the mood certainly struck the two artists that evening. At first, they decided they were going to drop off Green’s guitar, check out the studio, and then chat over some drinks. But plans changed and it turned into them writing and recording a full song and starting on a second.

After that night, it took only six days for the duo to complete Rose Ave.
P!NK and the one-man show of City and Colour come from two different ends of the musical spectrum. Moore caters to the pop industry here in the U.S. with upbeat and controversial songs, whereas Dallas Green isn’t well known here in the states, but has had great success in Canada with his honest lyrics and soothing, falsetto voice under the name of City and Colour.

Over the course of ten records, Rose Ave. seamlessly blends Moore’s sultry vocals, Green’s angelic voice, and his plucking of acoustic guitar strings to create something truly organic. Each track on the album is different in its own way, but they always reflect the raw and authentic edge of the duo.

Rose Ave. mirrors and shines a light on little facets of each the artists’ musical background. It brings together Moore’s distinguishable vocals and Green’s relaxing musicality. The songs are all beautifully simplistic and convey honest emotions and feelings through the lyrics and calming, folk-like music. Both artists have a knack for songwriting, and it is prevalent throughout this whole album.

Each record delves into such truth and encompasses vulnerability and passion.
This gifted pair of artists effortlessly harmonized their voices and meshed their talents to produce an intimate and soulful album.

In a previous interview on You+Me’s official website, Green said, “It doesn’t sound like me featuring you or you featuring me; it sounds like us,” and this album is a true testament to that statement.

Rose Ave. is now available on Itunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play, and on a limited vinyl edition.