Cleaning up the vandalized “M” on The Diag in Ann Arbor


Wednesday, Oct. 22, in the wee hours of the morning, the “M” on The Diag in Ann Arbor was given a makeover. With a little bit of spray paint and a whole lot of guts, Spartys made their way into the heart of Michigan’s campus, proving not to mess with “Little Brother” in the upcoming matchup that weekend. Well Michigan took that too seriously and really didn’t mess with them, losing 11-35.

Cleaning up the vandalized “M” on The Diag in Ann Arbor
Cleaning up the vandalized “M” on The Diag in Ann Arbor

Last weekend, I went to the Michigan-Michigan State football game. Aside from the few hostile fans, many people were very friendly, despite the Maize and block “M” on my jacket. I was even offered a warmer jacket from a “kind” Spartan fan so that I could “cover up that yellow.” I told him I’d rather freeze in Maize than be warm in green. And as it turns out, I did freeze in my Maize…..just like Michigan did on the field.

Michigan’s loss has the potential to impact a lot of things.

One of the biggest questions is the job security of Brady Hoke. Will he be back next year? Will there be a different coach for the third time in seven years? Many will argue that Hoke needs to go. His team isn’t producing desired results so keeping him would just create another losing season, potentially deferring recruits elsewhere. But is bringing in a new coach every few years going to create any sort of stable program? I would say not.

Michigan is in a rut with a double-edged sword that everyone wants to offer advice on how to grab, but no one wants to grab it. One can only wonder, ‘what would Bo think of this? What would he do?’

As for the instate rivalry, East Lansing is dominating. That sword leaves a sting in the wound of Michigan fans who expect to win because, well, IT’S MICHIGAN. For now, we reach for the past and hold onto what we were. The taunts and jabs are almost pointless from Michigan fans because well, Michigan State is better, no questions asked. The tables have turned.

I think we will make it through. After all, Michigan once was on top and Michigan State once sucked too. And they do say, “history has a habit of repeating itself.”

Lucky for us(or perhaps unlucky for us), the biggest game has yet to come. Saturday, Nov. 29 at Ohio Stadium anything can happen. More often than not, crazy things take place when Scarlet and Maize come together.


  1. Michigan’s morale is hella low. If they had any at all, the comarodary of the team would push them to championships. This year, I hardly expect a bowl game…

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