By LAURA SANCHEZ, Opinions Editor

It’s that time of year again. Us college students are slaving away in our classes, trying to stay awake as we’re cramming for midterms at 1AM, or debating whether to skip class in order to write a paper for another class. We have jobs and we’re part of student organizations, and we’re all trying to find time to sleep and socialize and maybe, just maybe, watch one (or a couple…or a few…) episodes of our favorite show on Netflix.

The stress accumulates, and it’s not too easy to get rid of it. I’ve seen the looks on people’s faces this past week, as they’re combating through midterms and papers to turn in and projects that are due, and they’re not the most enthusiastic faces in the world. Rather, they’re a bit more haggard and exhausted than they normally are. I have the authority to say this, of course, because my face was among those this week.

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Sometimes all you can do is tell yourself that you’ll treat yourself to some dinner with friends, and that you’ll stay up until 2AM to finish writing a paper instead. Sometimes you have to escape a mundane Thursday night and gallivant around with friends instead of cramming for that midterm. Or maybe you’ll tell yourself that you really, really do deserve that five-dollar cup up frozen yogurt, because hey, it was a hard week. Other times you want to treat yourself to four episodes of “New Girl” on Netflix because you deserve it; you survived that three-hour night class! Other times you’ll nap instead of doing laundry because sleep is obviously more important than clean socks and pants.

It’s these small negotiations that make life in college a bit more manageable. If we were to slave away at our homework and risk not having social lives or even sleep schedules, then what’s the point of college, anyway? It’s not worth it if we’re suffering.treatyoself

We can at least make college a bit better by trying to navigate these treacherous waters of exams and essays, of parking nightmares and hectic schedules, of droning professors and endless reading assignments with a bit of this ‘treat yo self’ mentality. You’ll write an A+ paper, no problem… maybe just after buying a tub of your favorite ice creaming and watching an episode of “The Office” for the fifteenth time, because hey, you deserve it.