The generosity of a University of Michigan-Dearborn alumni, John Junge, will provide two students of the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy (JRLA) with full ride scholarships to UM-Deaborn.

John Junge graduated in ‘64 with a BSE-IE and then in ‘67 with an MBA. Since 1985, Junge has owned All-Star Inc., a San Diego-based company that provides management and operations service to certain government and military facilities in 18 states and Germany.

The company earns about $250 million in gross annual sales and employs more than 1,200 people. He has given back quite a lot to the University of Michigan community through the years and these scholarships are a continuation of his philanthropy.

These two scholarships endowed by the Junge family are for Jalen Rose Leadership Academy students interested in pursuing a degree in engineering.
Jalen Rose Leadership Academy is an open enrollment, public charter high school in Detroit. The purpose of the JRLA is to inspire the youth of Detroit and help them to graduate with a college degree and give its students the skills necessary to excel in life. The scholarships will assist JRLA in helping it succeed.

The academy was founded by Jalen Rose, an ESPN/ABC analyst, former basketball player and another UM-Dearborn alumni. Rose said that “JRLA provides a private school education in a public school setting; college scholarships are paramount to the success of us achieving our mission.”

Faculty and staff of the College of Engineering and Consumer Science at UM-Dearborn will institute different activities to engage and build relationships with JRLA students and their teachers. These activities are also aiming to foster students’ interest in engineering. Not only will the University assist in activities, but they will also help JRLA students with applications and the financial aid processes.

With JRLA’s mission statement being “The mission of the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy is to provide a leadership-focused experience with a high-performing high school that engages and inspires Detroit area youth to achieve at the rigorous level necessary to ultimately graduate with a college degree and thrive in life,” The Junge scholarships will make a giant impact on the JRLA students’ motivation and success in school.