(Craig Henderson/MJ)
(Craig Henderson/MJ)
(Craig Henderson/MJ)

By ERICK LEHMAN, Staff Reporter

While the University of Michigan-Dearborn hockey team was in Iowa this past weekend, people filed into the Fieldhouse to watch the guys play.

But not those guys.

On Friday night, UM-Dearborn hosted its alumni hockey game at the fieldhouse. Fans of all ages packed the fieldhouse to watch the guys who at one times glided the ice in a UM-Dearborn uniform.

The game featured players from all different years, from Mark Pastir who last played in 1977 to Kyle Papke, who last played in 2012.

“We come in and have a blast out here, so many memories,” said Tony Macari, after his Team Yellow was downed by Team Blue, 11-8. “It was an absolute blast, young guys to old, just an absolute blast.”

Scoring was not hard to find in this game as a total of 19 goals were scored between the two teams.So just how was the game perceived by former Wolves (and Wolverines)?

“This was awesome, just awesome, worth doing it again for the next thirty years,” said Rick Dries. “It makes you wanna get back with the guys, you see all the camaraderie between all the guys, makes you wanna play more. Some of the girlfriends, wives, children, and grandchildren may have been shocked to see how good some of their fathers, and grandfathers were.”

After the game Macari and Dries offered up a little bit of advice for this year’s team as they look to go to nationals.

“Have fun, you gotta have fun, this is it, have a blast and be with your buddies forever,” said Macari.

“Always keep working hard, always listen to your coach, stay together as a team, and work hard and good things will happen,” Dries added.

All involved had a great overall experience playing in the alumni hockey game, and all wish to keep the game going on a yearly basis.