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By  Zack Ciborowski, Guest Writer

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A worldly esteemed sweetheart, Taylor Swift decided to change her music style for her new album 1989.

The former country queen released her new CD on Oct. 27. By listening to this album she takes the listeners for a journey through her world. This album title comes from the year she was born, and she references in interviews that it is her most personal album so far. With that being said, she decided to try out a new sound and all the music that she wanted to produce, despite being labeled a country singer.

There was a certain fear in the business aspect that comes along with producing something personal and something completely different. Often times artists will make a CD that they are completely head over heels for, but sometimes it just will not sell. Many times it boils down to whether the artist would rather have an album they love or sales from mass-produced pop earworms. However, this was not the case for Swift.

Swift’s 1989 has taken the charts by storm. Billboard states that the debut week sales prediction has now been upped to 1.2 million and within the first two days sold 751,000 copies. No other artist has gone platinum so far this year, and if she does she will be the only artist to go platinum in the first week for three albums. She brings a new hope to the music industry, which usually sees a decline in music sales as every year goes on.

Regardless of her transformation from country to pop, she has not suffered a loss in sales. Taylor’s new pop style is a refreshing light airy pop that begs for you to hit repeat. When I listened to this album it was nearly impossible to pick which track was my favorite.

1989 contains 13 tracks, unless the CD is purchased from Target, which has a deluxe edition that has three bonus tracks and three voice memos from Taylor. This album contains a song for everyone, whether they enjoy a slow calmer song or a catchy grabbing pop classic. Regardless, each song on the album has a unique Taylor sound.

The hit single Shake It Off has been impacting radio stations for weeks, and she went to the number one spot on iTunes almost immediately after releasing it. It seems that every single she releases is destined to sit at the top of the charts.

Swift’s success is built on a huge fan base she refers to as “swifties.” These fans are dedicated to Swift and are devouring everything she releases. With 70 million Facebook fans, 46 million Twitter followers, and 12 million Instagram followers, she certainly knows what she is doing. Her marketability is astounding between her charm, multi-demographic appeal, previous work, and super relatable love lyrics.

This album is definitely the missing piece of the puzzle that is your iTunes library. Undoubtedly, there is a place in every music collection for this refreshing sound. Whether you are looking for something fun, upbeat, or home hitting, you can certainly find that in this album.